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在一个镇上的中转站挂着一个巨型横幅,上面用黑体字写着: ¨非洲饥荒,请您慷慨解囊,拯救饥饿的人们。¨在那儿有一大群 人在排队捐赠。[


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At one stopover in a town, a huge banner was written in bold letters: FAMINE IN AFR/CA~ PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TO SAVE THE STARVING PEOPLE.
在一个镇上的中转站挂着一个巨型横幅,上面用黑体字写着: ¨非洲饥荒,请您慷慨解囊,拯救饥饿的人们。¨在那儿有一大群 人在排队捐赠。
A large crowd was queuing to hand over their donations.Near the door of the town hall stood a beautiful young girl, poorly but neatly dressed.
市政厅的门旁站着一个漂亮的小姑娘,她的衣服质地很差, 却很整洁。她注视着眼前的人们,眼里闪烁着害羞的神情。
With shy glances she watched the people before her. She saw a merchant who laid a bag of 90ld on the table.
她看 见一位商人把一袋金子放在了桌上。
Then came a rich lady with haughty looks who offered a variety of jewels; some others handed cash, clothings and foodstuff, The girl was reluctant to take her turn but at last, summoning up her courage, she stepped forward.
接着,一位傲慢的贵夫人拿 出了各种珠宝,其他人也递上了现金、衣服和食物。小姑娘还在犹豫要不要捐,最终她还是鼓起勇气走上前去。
But...it is so small I am ashamed to offer it. It seems worthless, but it is all I have, she said.
¨可是……这太少了,我都不好意思拿出来。它看起来一文不值, 但这是我所有的东西了。¨她说道。
We are grateful for e\ten the smallest offering, the man at the counter replied kindly. Here it is, I have nothing else to give, she added timidly, she drew under her cloak two long thick plaits of her golden hair.
¨即使是最少的捐赠,我们也 非常感激,¨柜台旁的人和善地说口¨给,我没有别的可捐了。”她羞怯地补充说。她从披风下拽出两根又长又粗的金色辫子
As she did so, the hood of hercloak fell back, showing the beautifully young head shorn of its golden glory.
。这时, 披风的风帽掉了下来,露出已失去金色光环的漂亮的小脑袋。
The generosity of this beautiful girl to donate her most priceless possession, her golden locks of hair, overshadowed all the glittering gold or j8wels of the other donors.
这个漂亮的小姑娘慷慨地捐出了她最珍贵的财产一一她的 金发,令其他捐赠者的闪闪发光的金子、珠宝等捐赠物都黯然 失色。