挪威冬日暖心正能量 当你路遇没穿外套的小男孩

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A boy shivers in the harsh Oslo winter, pathetically wrapping his arms around himself on a bus stop bench. He isnt wearing a coat and temperatures in the Norwegian capital regularly plunge to -10C during winter.
A heartbreaking scene, but the actions of the ordinary people who witnessed the plight of 11 year old Johannes L?nnestad Flaaten is both joyous and inspiring.
A young blonde woman who sat next to the boy and notices him rubbing his arms. She immediately asks him: Dont you have a jacket?
No, someone stole it, he replies. She questions him and discovers he was on a school trip and was told to meet his teacher at the bus stop. She asks him the name of his school and where hes from as she selflessly drapes her own coat around his shoulders.
“没有,有人把我的外套偷走了,” 他回答道。女孩问过他了解到他是在上学的路上,在公交车站是在等自己的老师。她问了学校的名字,知道他的来历,很无私地把自己的外套脱下来披在他的肩膀上。
Later, another older woman at first gives him her scarf, then wraps him in her large padded jacket.
Throughout the day, more and more people offered Johannes their gloves and even the coats off their backs as they waited for their bus.
Johannes predicament was a hidden camera experiment by Norwegian charity SOS Children’s Village as part of their winter campaign to gather donations to send much-needed coats and blankets to help Syrian children get through the winter. Many of the refugees have left their homes without winter clothing.
People should care as much about children in Syria as they care about this boy, Synne R?nning, the information head of SOS Childrens Villages Norway, told The Local. She also noted that the child was a volunteer who was never in any danger during the filming.
挪威SOS儿童村的信息负责人罗宁对当地电视台表示:“人们应该像关心这个小男孩一样,关注叙利亚的儿童们。” 她也表示在拍摄过程中,志愿者小男孩并没有任何危险。 copyright verywen.com