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There were seven lions who were friends to a cow. One day, the lions invited the cow for a meal.
They prepared lots of meat to share with the cow. However the cow could not eat the meat but he remained quiet about it and thanked the lions for their hospitality.
他们为牛准备了好多食物。 然而,这头牛不吃肉,仍然保持安静,还谢谢狮子们的热情招待。
Later, the cow invited the“0nS be his guests.
The seven lions saw big bundles of fresh grass when they reached the cows house. They were very surprised.
Dont you have any meat? Are you going to serve us with grass only? Dont you know that we eat meat?The cow said nervously, I think grass tastes better than meat. Try it and see.
When you were invited as our guest, we did not force you to take the meat, the lions said, and we did not ask you to try it.
But here you are asking us to try eating the grass, If you were sincere about inviting us for a meal.
You would prepare food in favor of the guests. Without meat to eat, how could it be a feast?¨ But where could I get meat? the cow argued.
The lions said, It is definitely discourteous! You invited us as your guests but starve us.
If anyone else were to treat us like this, we would tear him into pieces. Since you are our friend, we will be kind to you and eat only one of your legs.
The cow knew very well that he could not argue with the many more and he trembled as he said, Thats very kind of you.
The lions bit off one of the cows tegs and enjoyed eating it while he was left there feeding to death. Soon the lions said, Since the cow is dead, we may as well finish him.
Thus they continued feasting on the cow. A fox passed bY and wanted to have a taste of the delicious meat too.
So he sneaked in quietly and carried away the cows heart. He hid himself behind a tree to enjoy his food.
When the seven lions had eaten up the whole cow, they asked among themselves, Where is the cows heart? Do you mean the cow has no heart at all?
The fox came out from his hiding place and said, Youre wrong! He has a heart but no brain* Or else he would not be friends with you at all.