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A Sheep was once forced to submit to much harm from the other animals. He therefore appeared before Jupiter, and begged him to lessen his misery.
Jupiter appeared willing, and said to the Sheep, I see plainly, my pious creature, that I have created you too defenseless . Now choose how I had best remedy this fault. Shall I arm your jaws with terrible fangs and your feet with claws?
O, no! exclaimed the Sheep, I will have nothing in common with the beasts of prey.
Or, said Jupiter, Shall I make your bite poisonous?
Alas! replied the Sheep, the poisonous snakes are so sadly detested.
Well, what shall I do ?Shall I plant horns on your forehead, and give strength to your neck?
Nor that, gracious father; I should then butt like the goat.
At the same time you would be able to injure others, if I gave you the means of defending yourself.
Should I, indeed? sighed the Sheep. Oh! Then leave me, merciful father, as I am. For the power of injuring would, I am fearful, awake the desire of doing so; and it is better to suffer harm, than to inflict it.
Jupiter blessed the pious Sheep, who ceased from that moment his complaints.
丘比特为这只虔诚的绵羊祝福,绵羊此后再也不抱怨了。 美文网