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一整年都顺顺利利地通过挑战是不可能的— 但是,尽管会遭遇挫折,许多人还是以积极的心态迎接2014年的到来。几乎半数的美国人相信,新的一年会有好运降临。2014年会是充满正能量的一年吗


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Its impossible to go an entire year without navigating through some challenges -- but despite any setbacks, many are approaching 2014 with an optimistic outlook. Almost 50 percent of Americans believe their fortunes will improve in the new year. Is 2014 going to be the year of positivity?

一整年都顺顺利利地通过挑战是不可能的--- 但是,尽管会遭遇挫折,许多人还是以积极的心态迎接2014年的到来。几乎半数的美国人相信,新的一年会有好运降临。2014年会是充满正能量的一年吗?

According to some experts, happiness is a choice that we can make -- not something that is entirely influenced by external circumstances. By simply deciding to be happy, we can adopt and live out a more positive life. So instead of making resolutions to accomplish specific things (be honest: is that gym membership going to be the only thing that will make you happy next year?), setting a goal to make 2014 your most positive year yet is more attainable than you think. copyright verywen.com


Below find eight ways to practice more positivity in 2014. Then tell us in the comments, what are some positive habits youre planning to adopt in the new year?

以下8种方法可以使你的2014年更具正能量。请在之后的评论中告诉我们,在新的一年里,你打算采用哪些积极的习惯呢? www.verywen.com