平息怒气有四招 简单你却想不到

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Dont be an angry bird: Find out how a chair, a pair of sunglasses and other items can hold unexpected promise for taming your temper.
1.Take A Seat -- Right Now
Theres a reason youve probably never gotten into a screaming match from a beanbag chair. Over time, our brains become conditioned to associate sitting and lying down with feeling relaxed, says W. Robert Nay, PhD, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School. Thats why its so easy to pass out on an airplane, even when you didnt think you were tired. From an evolutionary perspective, the brain is hardwired to associate an upright position with threat: When youre standing and arguing, adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol start coursing in an effort to help you flee and the next thing you know, your heart is racing, your voice is rising, and youre suddenly a crazy angry person. Sitting down, Nay says, sends a message of safety and security to your brain. No organism on earth sits back when threatened, he explains. So the next time a conversation starts to make your blood boil, pull up a chair and take a load off.
你可能从来没有坐在懒人沙发上发飙过,这是有原因的。“我们的大脑逐渐习惯于将坐卧的姿势和放松的感觉联系在一起。”乔治敦医学院精神病学临床副教授W. Robert Nay如是说。这就是为什么即使不觉得累,在飞机上还是那么容易睡过去。从进化的角度看,大脑必然将直立的姿态同威胁联系在一起:站着和别人争论的时候,肾上腺素和应激激素皮质醇就开始想办法让你逃离,然后,你懂的,心跳加速,嗓音拔高,你一下子就变得疯狂暴躁。坐下来,W. Robert Nay说,告诉大脑你很安全。“世界上没有任何一种生物受到威胁的时候会坐回去。”他解释道。所以下次聊着聊着心头火气的时候就拉过一把椅子,坐下来卸载怒气吧。
2.Dont Get Mad, Get Organized
A study of nearly 11,000 subjects in 42 countries about to be presented at the Western Psychological Association in Portland, Oregon, found that the key to reining in anger is preventing it in the first place. The research, conducted at the University of the South Pacific on laidback Fiji, surprised us. But the studys authors say simple steps like maintaining an updated to-do list or spending a few minutes every morning to map out your day will go far in lowering anger and anxiety levels. The theory: Effective time management keeps you on track, circumventing stress.
3.Keep Your Cool With A Pair Of Shades
Research published this year in the journal Cognition Emotion found that when people walk in direct sun sans sunglasses, the light-induced frowning actually causes them to feel P.O.d. Although most beachcombers reported being unaffected by all that squinting, those who were asked to walk unshaded against the rays (as opposed to with the sun at their backs) had increased aggressiveness scores on subsequent tests. Simply looking angry translates into feeling that way, too. Study co-author Daniele Marzoli, PhD, suggests seeking shade during heated exchanges: Compared to indoor conversations, outdoor conversations could lead to more hostile interactions because of the anger-intensifying effects of the suns glare. Or use it as an excuse to don your new pair of aviators -- you might just ground an altercation before it takes off.
今年《认知与情感》杂志发表的研究发现,人们不戴墨镜走在直射的阳光下时,因为强光而皱起眉头感觉其实挺不爽的。尽管沙滩上大多数人表示眯着眼睛也没什么影响,但是叫他们直接走在大太阳下(而不是背朝着太阳),在随后的测试中表现出了更强的攻击性。做出不高兴的样子真的会让人不高兴。论文的共同作者Daniele Marzoli博士建议在高温下交换意见时尽量找点荫头:“和室内交谈相比,室外交谈可能导致更多带有敌意的互动,因为阳光会使怒气更盛。”你也可以趁着这个机会戴上你新买的飞行员墨镜——可别还没起飞就吵起来了。
4. Tame PMS Fury With A Paella Recipe
When women struggling with the tension, irritability and mood swings of PMS were given capsules containing either saffron or a placebo twice a day for two menstrual cycles, those in the saffron group saw their symptoms drop significantly, even within the first cycle. The carrot-hued spice -- a key ingredient in Spanish paella -- has been used since ancient times to treat everything from depression to upset bellies. Schedule a weekly tapas night for a potential subtle boost or talk to your doctor about trying a supplement. Más delicioso: One of paellas star ingredients is seafood, and omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to slash PMS symptoms -- not just the mental effects, like anxiety and poor concentration, but bloating, headache and breast tenderness, too.
如果一个女人连续两个月经周期饱受经前综合征的折磨,紧张、烦躁、情绪不稳,每天吃两次含藏红花或安慰剂的胶囊,发现红花类的药物能够明显缓和症状,其实在第一个周期就能见效。胡萝卜色调的香料是西班牙肉菜饭不可缺少的成分,自古以来就包治百病,无论是抑郁烦闷低落沮丧还是肚子不舒服都可以治。每周安排一次小吃之夜,说不定不知不觉间就会有所改善,或是让医生给你开一点也行。美味小贴士:肉菜饭里最受欢迎的食材是海鲜,ω-3脂肪酸也能减轻经前综合征的症状——不只是心理方面的症状,像焦虑、思想不集中,还能缓解腹胀、头痛、乳房肿胀。 verywen.com