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一位婆罗门,印度僧侣之一,在圣洁方面享有极高的威望, 所以他收到了很多礼物,也因此变得很富有。


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A Brahmin, a member of the Hindu priest, had a great reputation for holiness, and received many presents so that he became rich.
一位婆罗门,印度僧侣之一,在圣洁方面享有极高的威望, 所以他收到了很多礼物,也因此变得很富有。
One day, he took a fancy to dress himself as a poor peasant.
一天,他突-然把自 己打扮成了一位贫穷的农民。
In this attire, he went into the market place but no one saluted him and no one gave him any presents.
他穿着这身衣服去了集市,但是, 没有人向他行礼,也没有人送他礼物。
The Brahmin then returned to his house and, dressing himself in rich garments, once more set out for the market place.
This time, everybody saluted him and made way for him and many handed him presents.
这一次, 每个人都向他行礼,给他让路,还有许多人送他礼物。
This was the usual custom when a holy Brahmin happened to make his appearance in the market place. Once again, the Brahmin returned to his home and changed his clothes.
按照习俗, 神圣的婆罗门出现在集市上时人们通常都会这样做。婆罗门又回家换掉了这身华丽的衣服。
Then, taking the rich garments, he set them up on a shrine near the market.
然后,他拿着这套华 丽的衣服,把它架在了集市附近的一个圣坛上。
As he prostrates himself before them, cried continually: O mighty garments, you are esteemed above all else in this world....
他拜倒在衣服前 面,口中念念有词:“噢,伟大的衣服啊,你比世界上其他所有东 西都尊贵……”
The people gathered round in wonder. And in time came to worship the clothes as this Brahmin was doing.
人们好奇地聚拢了过来,最后也都开始朝衣服膜拜,因为婆 罗门在这样做。
This custom has spread farther and farther. Now in many countries around the world, trendy and fashionable people do the same thing, though not, perhaps in the way as the Brahmin did.
现在这一习俗已经传播得很远很远。世界上许多 国家赶时髦的人都在这样做,尽管可能与婆罗门的方式不同。 copyright verywen.com