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Victoria Beckham在一次珍贵的、真诚的Skype粉丝问答中敞开心扉回应疯狂的自我怀疑时刻的问题和做母亲的难处的问题。


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Victoria Beckham opens up about crazy moments of self-doubt and struggles of motherhood in rare and candid Skype QA.
Victoria Beckham在一次珍贵的、真诚的Skype粉丝问答中敞开心扉回应疯狂的自我怀疑时刻的问题和做母亲的难处的问题。
She was always the quiet one in the Spice Girls and has continued to be a woman of few words in public since her career as a designer has blossomed.
在辣妹中她总是安静的那个,并且当作为一位设计师的事业腾飞之时她的话依旧不多。 verywen.com


But Victoria Beckham has broken her silence in a candid Q A alongside members of her fashion team as part of the Skype Collaboration Project.
但是Victoria Beckham在一次与Skype的合作项目中的真诚的粉丝提问中,她终于打破了沉默。
The 40-year-old, who won designer of the year at the 2011 British Fashion Awards just three years after launching her first collection, admitted that she sometimes has moments of ‘crazy self-doubt’.
Answering questions from fans, she said: ‘I think everybody has crazy moments of self-doubt and I think an element of that is probably quite important and it’s about creative visualisation and challenging yourself but always staying very positive.
‘There is nothing wrong with having a second little person sitting on your shoulder making sure you are remaining humble and appreciative of everything that you have and everything you have achieved.
‘But you should definitely not waste too much time being negative in any way. Its about positive thinking, positive energy, and fighting if you need to fight.’
“但是你一定不能在任何负面的情绪上浪费太多的时间。重要的是要保持积极的思想,拥有积极的正能量,并且为了值得去努力的东西而奋斗。” www.verywen.com