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Small, simple life changes can be powerful. Implementing some of these changes can literally change your entire life. How do you change? Take on one change at a time, and go slowly. Implement each change consistently so that it becomes a habit. Donrs


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Small, simple life changes can be powerful. Implementing some of these changes can literally change your entire life. How do you change? Take on one change at a time, and go slowly. Implement each change consistently so that it becomes a habit. Dont do too much too fast. What follows is a list of changes that are simple, yet incredibly powerful. Some are obvious and some arent. I hope they serve as reminders of useful changes.

生活中一些细微简单的改变有着不可低估的作用。一些改变甚至可以改变你的整个生活。 如何改变呢?一次做出一种改变,慢慢来,并始终如一地坚持,形成一种习惯。不要贪多求快。 下面列出一些改变,虽然简单,作用却难以置信。有些作用明显,而有的不易觉察。我希望下列条目能提醒你去做一些有益身心的改变。

1. Walk daily


We humans arent supposed to be sedentary human beings. We are born to run, but even more so to walk.


Walking every day is good for your physical health. But more importantly, its good for your mind. Walking is a joy. You are outside without distractions. You may even see people. And theres few better ways to boast your mood.


2. Wake early


If you asked me whats the best change you can make this instance, I would say wake early。The early morning is peaceful there are no interruptions and no noise. You can wakeup and go for a walk. You can meditate. And you can create.


And waking early is the most productive thing Ive ever done. I often get more work done in a couple hours in the morning than during the entire day.


3. Eat less


Many of us overeat. Lets stop. Eat slowly, and eat until youre full. Eat so that your belly doesnt bulge.


4. Stop watching, start doing


Watching is easy. Anyone can watch someone. Spectating isnt inherently bad, but I believe we do too much of it. Instead of watching, do something. Or better yet, create something great.


5. Go slowly


Our culture tells us to go fast, to sprint and win the race. Problem is, the race never ends. When you choose to go slowly, you are choosing peace and happiness.


6. Declutter


Clutter whether mental, physical, or virtual takes a toll. The only way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of stuff. Deal with bad thoughts and be done with them. Delete unneeded files. And get rid of unnecessary items. Then when you feel like adding something, ask yourself if its necessary. For the most part, it will just contribute to clutter.


7. Become stronger


There are many ways you can become stronger. You can refuse to back down because of fear. You can stand up for whats right. All do one thing, increase your confidence. Gradually become stronger, and the world will open up.


8. Drink water


Often, I used to feel like crap just because I wasnt hydrated. Drink water, and it will make you feel better. Soda and most other drinks often make you feel worse. Drink water and only water (besides maybe some tea or coffee). Drink it with meals and drink it throughout the day.


9. Meditate


The incredible benefits of meditation are well-known. But most people dont practice it because it seems complicated. The truth is, you dont need to shave your head, or sit with crossed legs to meditate. The simplest way to meditate is to just sit and breathe. Focus on your breathe. Or focus on the sounds around you.


10. Let go of expectations


Expectations are completely pointless. Try it for yourself: think of how something will be in advance. Most of the time your expectations arent met or are exceeded or your expectations create negative results.


Live without expectations, and you wont be disappointed. You wont have to worry about things you cant control. You will just flow and accept things as they are.