中国寓言故事双语版 第29期:颜回攫甑

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One day in the year 489 B.C., Confucius led his disciples to the State of Cai via the State of Chen. copyright verywen.com



When they passed by the State of Chen, they were surrounded by the people of Chen.




For seven days and nights in succession, they hadnt eaten one grain of rice.


整整七天七夜,他们没有吃到一粒米饭。 verywen.com

They were so hungry that they couldnt get up from bed. verywen.com

都饿得躺在床上起不来。 本文来自美文网

Later, after much effort, one of his disciples Yan Hui somehow obtained some rice. 内容来自美文网

后来,弟子颜回好不容易弄到了一点儿米。 美文网

The rice was washed and cooked, and when it was almost done, 本文来自美文网

淘洗做饭。当米饭快要熟的时候。 verywen.com

Yan Hui suddenly stretched out his hand to grab a handful of rice from the steamer, put it into his mouth and swallowed it. 美文网


copyright verywen.com

Confucius, lying at a distance, saw all this by chance, but pretended that he had seen nothing and didnt say a word. 本文来自美文网

这一切,恰巧被躺在远处的孔子看在眼里,但是他却装作没有看见,一声不响。 内容来自美文网

After a while the rice was done. Yan Hui respectfully came to Confucius and asked him to take his meal. verywen.com

不一会儿,米饭熟了。颜回恭恭敬敬地来拜见孔子,请老师去吃饭。 verywen.com

Confucius slowly sat up in his bed and said to Yan Hui: 内容来自美文网

孔子慢悠悠地从床上坐起来,对颜回说: 美文网

A short while ago I had a dream. I dreamed of my deceased father. 本文来自美文网

“刚才我做了一个梦,梦见我死去的父亲。 美文网

If the rice is clean, I would like to make a sacrificial offer to him. 内容来自美文网

如果米饭干净的话,我想祭奠一下他老人家。” copyright verywen.com

Yan Hui replied hurriedly: Master, the rice is not clean, and its unfit for sacrifice.


颜回急忙说道: “先生,这米饭不干净,不能用来祭祖。” verywen.com

He then continued: Some soot has just fallen into the steamer and soiled the rice. 内容来自美文网

接着又说:“甄里刚才掉进了一点儿烟尘,弄脏了米饭。 www.verywen.com

It is a pity to throw the rice away, so I picked out the sooted rice and ate it. www.verywen.com

倒掉它太可惜,我就用手把有烟尘的米饭抓出来吃了。” verywen.com

Confucius suddenly saw the light. 本文来自美文网



He sighed and said: It goes without saying that one can trust ones own eyes.


长叹了一口气,说道:“本来自己的眼睛是可以相信的,现在看来眼睛也不能完全相信呵! copyright verywen.com

But now it seems that ones eyes cannot be trusted entirely. 本文来自美文网

本来自己的头脑是可以信赖的,现在看来头脑也不完全可以信赖呵! 本文来自美文网

It goes without saying that one can trust ones own mind, but now it seems that ones own mind cannot be trusted entirely either. Disciples, keep this in mind: It is not easy to thoroughly understand a person after all. www.verywen.com

弟子们,记住吧!要真正了解一个人,是很不容易的啊!” www.verywen.com