中国寓言故事双语版 第103期:一枕黄粱

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In the Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar named Lu Sheng. 美文网

唐代有个读书人,名叫卢生。 www.verywen.com

One day, Lu Sheng went to the capital for the imperial examination On his way when he reached Handan, he stayed at an inn. A Taoist priest surnamed Lii was also staying there. Sitting in his room, Lu Sheng lamented over his poverty and unsuccessful career and sighed in grief with knitted brows and a long face. 本文来自美文网

一天,卢生赴京赶考,路过邯郸,住在一家客店里。一个姓吕的道士,也住在这家店里。卢生坐在屋里慨叹自己的穷困不得志,唉声叹气,愁眉苦脸。 copyright verywen.com

As the Taoist priest Lu saw Lu Sheng in such a state, he took out a pillow from his pocket, gave it to him and said: www.verywen.com



“Try sleeping with this pillow under your head. It may be good for you.”


“你枕这个枕头睡一觉试试,可能会有好处的。” www.verywen.com

Lu Sheng went to bed as told, while the owner of the inn was steaming millet. With the Taoist priest’s pillow, Lu Sheng fell asleep and had a dream. In his dream, he married the daughter of a high official surnamed Cui in Qinghe and he himself also became an official. verywen.com



He had a brilliant career as an official and often got promoted. Once he went to fight against the enemy and rendered outstanding service. Thus he rose higher and higher in officialdom till he became the Minister of Revenue and concurrently Imperial Law Enforcement Official. copyright verywen.com

他官运亨通,不断提升,一次上阵杀敌又立了功。这样,他官越做越大,一直做到户部尚书兼御史大夫。 www.verywen.com



Later, someone was jealous of him and framed a case of conspiracy against him. The emperor ordered to have his house ransacked, his property confiscated, and him condemned. verywen.com

后来,卢生遭人嫉妒。有人诬陷卢生谋反,皇帝下令抄家问罪。 verywen.com

After a few years, the emperor reinstated him to his original post. He had a large family with lots of children and grandchildren, and enjoyed great wealth and high position as before. In his old age, he fell ill, could not be cured, and eventually died.


过了几年,皇帝又恢复了他的官职。他子孙满堂,继续享受着荣华富贵。晚年,他得了病,医治无效,终于死去. copyright verywen.com

Lu Sheng woke up from his dream and found himself still sleeping at the inn, with the Taoist priest Lu sitting beside him. The millet which the owner of the inn had been steaming was not yet done. 本文来自美文网

卢生一梦醒来,发现自己仍然睡在客店里,吕道士就坐在他的身旁,连店主人蒸的小米饭还没熟呢. copyright verywen.com