中国寓言故事双语版 第105期:腰缠千钱

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In ancient times, the people of Yongzhou liked to live by the river. They were all very good at swimming.古时候,永州的人喜欢住在河边,他们都很擅长游泳。One day, the water in the rivers suddenly rose. Five or six people were crossing the Xiang River in a small boat. When the boat reached the middle of the river, it leaked and sank. All the people on the boat swam for their lives.一次,河水暴涨。有五六个人乘着小船横渡湘江。船刚到江心,就漏水下沉了,船上的人纷纷泅水逃生。At this moment, a man was seen paddling like crazy in the water, but with little progress. One of his companions asked in surprise:这时候,只见一个人拼命划水,但是前进不了多少。他的同伴奇怪地问:You used to be the best swimmer among us. Why are you lagging behind today?“平时你的水性最好,今天为什么落在最后?”The man panted heavily and replied:他喘着粗气说:Ive got 1,000 copper coins wrapped around my waist. They are very heavy, so I cant swim fast.“我腰缠着千数铜钱,分量很重,所以游不动。”His companions advised him anxiously:同伴们着急地劝他:Throw away the copper coins at once!“赶快把铜钱扔掉!”The man only shook his head and gave no answer.他只是摇了摇头,没有回答。After a short while, he became weaker and weaker. At this moment, those who had got on the bank shouted to him desperately:又过了一会儿,他越来越没有力气了。这时候,已经上岸的人又拼命地向他喊道:You are such a headstrong fool. You are about to drown, so what do you want the money for?“你真是太糊涂,太死心眼了,连人都快要淹死了,还要钱干什么?”But the man shook his head again, sank rapidly and drowned.可是,他又摇了摇头,很快地沉了下去,淹死了。