中国寓言故事双语版 第83期:庭燎招贤

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Huan Gong, King of the State of Qi and the first overlord in the Spring and Autumn Period, in order to show his sincerity to enlist able and virtuous men and scholars from various places, had a bright torch lit in front of his palace day and night. www.verywen.com



But the torch had been burning for one whole year, and yet nobody came.


但是,火炬燃烧了整整一年,也没有人前来求见。 美文网

One day, a villager from the eastern suburb of the capital wished to have an audience with Huan Gong, claiming that he had the ability to recite the multiplication table. verywen.com

一天,来了一个国都东郊的乡下人,声称自己有念九九算术口诀的才能,要求拜见齐桓公。 copyright verywen.com

When Huan Gong heard of this, he thought it was very funny and sent an officer to tell the villager: www.verywen.com

齐桓公听完报告,觉得很可笑,派传令官告诉乡下人: 本文来自美文网

How could you hope to see the King just because you can recite the multiplication table? www.verywen.com

“难道你凭会念九九算术口诀,就想来见国王吗?” www.verywen.com

The villager replied: I hear that the torch before the palace has been burning for one year, yet nobody came. 美文网

乡下人回答说:“我听说,宫前火炬燃烧了一年,也没有人来求见。 www.verywen.com

This is because His Majesty is a king of great talent and bold vision. 内容来自美文网

这是因为国王是个雄才大略的君主。 本文来自美文网

All the talented men near and far couldnt be certain that His Majesty would have a high opinion of them, so they dared not come to see you.


四方人才都以为君主不一定能看得上他们,所以不敢来求见。 本文来自美文网

My knowledge of the multiplication table is truly trivial, but if His Majesty could receive me with courtesy, then His Majesty need not worry that those with real ability and learning would not come. copyright verywen.com

我的九九算术口诀,的确是微不足道的,但是如果国王能以礼接待我,那么还怕那些有真才实学的贤士能人不愿来吗?” 美文网

He then continued: Mount Tai is huge because it never expels any single small stone; the sea is deep because it gathers together every small stream. www.verywen.com



The Book of Songs says: `The wise kings of ancient times often went to peasants who cut firewood and grass to ask for their advice. Only this way can you pool the wisdom of the masses. verywen.com

《诗经》中说过,‘古代英明君王有事,都去请教砍柴割草的农夫,只有这样才能集思广益。”, copyright verywen.com

Hearing this, Huan Gong of Qi repeatedly nodded assent, and accorded this villager a grand reception. 内容来自美文网

齐桓公听了,连连点头称是,立刻以隆重的礼节,接待了这个乡下人。 verywen.com

As expected, within one month, many able and virtuous men from all places came one after another to see Huan Gong. 内容来自美文网

果然,不出一个月,四方贤士能人都纷纷前来求见齐桓公。 本文来自美文网