那些给我智慧和勇气的寓言故事81:麻雀 The Sparr

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An old Japanese man kept a sparrow of which he was very fond. One day it flew away and the old man became sad.
He went out looking all over the place for his sparrow At last, near a certain mountain, he met his sparrow.
The old man said joyously, I missed you very much, sparrow. Will you follow me home?
Though the sparrow was happy to see the old man, it shook its head.



Take me to your home and let me see how you live.The old man pleaded. I will go away happy to see if you are safe.
So the sparrow led the old man to his home. There were many other birds.
They all looked healthy and enjoyed each others company.
I am glad you are well and have good companions, dear sparrow. I can go back in peace, said the old man.
When it was time for the old man to leave, the sparrow gave him a basket to take home with him as a present.
Well, said the old mans wife angrily when he returned, where have you been all day? And what have you here?
I have been to the home of my lost sparrow and received this basket as a present, replied he.
When she opened the basket sh6 was amazed to find it was full of gold and silver.
The old woman, who was very greedy, decided that she would like a basket of gold, so she set out for the sparrows home, Unlike the old man who was kind to the sparrow, the wife used to treat it very badly.
Hello, sparrow, how are you? I missed you very much, cried the old woman hypocritically.
The sparrow said nothing and she finally decided to go home.
Still the sparrow did not give her any present she had hoped for.
Before she left, she unashamedly asked for a present. My husband got a basket of gold and silver from you, she reminded the bird.
但她离开前厚颜无耻地开口要礼物。 “我家老头子以你这儿得到了一篮子金子和银子。”她提醒麻雀说。
Alright, replied the sparrow, for your husbands sake, I offer you two choices. One basket is light and the other is heavy. Just choose one. But you can only open the basket when you reach home!
The greedy old woman cried out, I’ll take the heavy one, as she thought its weight will contain more gold and silver. Are you sure? asked the sparrow.
贪心的老妇人叫道:“我要重的那一个。”因为她想重篮子里一定装了更多的金子和银子。 “你确定要重的吗?”麻雀问道。
Yes. As sure as you see me standing before you! Ill take the heavy basket, she replied. So the old woman panted and puffed breathlessly as she carried the heavy basket all the way.
But when she arrived home and opened the basket, it was full of stones.
但是,当她回家打开一看,里面全是石头。 内容来自美文网