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Ive always wanted to start my own business. Ive always wanted to start working for myself. Yet I didnt make that decision until 3 years ago, after being made redundant. And then my first business was started in 2013. I finally got started instead of thinking about it or putting it off until a later time. Maybe youve yet to get started on something important yourself. Maybe you can relate to what Im saying, and you feel youve been slacking off for too long now. Heres why getting started is the best way to get started. Right now.
我总是想开始创业。我总想要做个自由职业者。后来我觉得总是这么想,这么说丝毫没有意义,3年前我终于下定决心开始实施。于是我在2013年开始了第一次创业,最终决定着手干起来,而不是停留在思考层面或者再考虑往后推迟一段时间。可能你已经开始做一些对于你来说很重要的事情。也可能你对我的说法感同身受,觉得自己已经松懈了很久。下面就来说说为什么立即行动是开始的最好方式。 www.verywen.com

10.Its better than thinking about it.
Thinking about something before you do it is a great trait to have. But thinking can also be dangerous when you do too much of it. You can think as much as you like, but thinking isnt going to change the situation. In fact, thinking isnt going to change anything. Thinking will just keep you in the same position youre already in. You wont go anywhere, as If youre a human statue.
我们一般都有个特点,喜欢在做事情之前先想一想。但是当你想的特别多的时候往往会让事情变糟。当然你可以尽情想像,但是光想并不能改变形势。实际上,只想不做是不能改变任何事情的。因为光是想和思考只能让你原地踏步。就像是个人物雕塑,哪也去不了。 copyright verywen.com

9.Too much thinking can become a bad habit.
Whatever you do everyday is a habit, and thats a fact. Unfortunately that means too much thinking can also become a habit. And Its not a habit thats going to push you forward and get you started. Its about time to woke up and got started, or else you never will.
你每天做什么事都会成为一种习惯,这是事实。所以不幸的是,想的过多也会变成一种习惯。但却不是促进你前进并让你开始的习惯。该是清醒的时候了,立即行动吧,否则你将永远不会开始。 verywen.com

8.Its better than never taking action.
Do you want to be the man or the woman who never does anything? Do you want to be the man or the woman who never gets started? Take action and get out of your own head. You wont regret it.

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7.Its better than dreaming about doing it.
How long are you going to dream about starting your own business? How long are you going to dream about getting started? How long are you going to dream about how wonderful itll be when you DO take action? And how long are you going to dream about how much of a difference itll make to your life? Theres only so much dreaming you can do before you have to turn that dream into action. A dream without action is a fantasy, destined to never come true.
你梦想自己去创业有多久了?你梦想开始你的创业有多久了?梦想自己开始行动后会出现什么结果?梦想创业后会对你的生活产生什么样的影响?在你将梦想变成现实之前,你做的只是梦想。没有行动的梦想仅仅是幻想,注定永远不能成为现实。 美文网

6.Youve got to get over your fear of starting eventually.
Have no fear of perfection – youll never reach it. – Salvador Dali. Maybe thats the reason why youve yet to get started up until this point. Are you afraid? What are you so afraid of anyway? Is it rejection? Being turned down? Things not going the way you expect them to? Are you afraid of failure? Do you fear being criticized? Humiliation? Losing money? Lack of support? Whatever your fears might be, its time to get over it.If theres one thing Ive learned about facing your fears, its the fact that fear is never as bad as we believe it to be.
萨尔瓦多·达利说过:不追求完美,你将永远不能成功。可能这就是你一直到现在还没有开始的原因。你害怕吗?那你害怕什么呢?被拒绝?没有发展?事情没有像自己想象那样发展?害怕失败?担心受到指责?觉得丢脸?怕赔钱?缺乏支持?无论你担心什么,都到了要克服的时候。要知道一个道理,你的担心永远都不会如你想象的那样糟糕。 copyright verywen.com


5.Its better than over analyzing what you want to do.
You know what happens when you start over analyzing something? You stress yourself out. You wear yourself out, you worry, you over think, you make stuff up in your head, and you over exaggerate. What an imagination our brains have! But seriously speaking, theres only so much analyzing you can do. At some point youre going to have to kick your ass into gear. At some point youll have to put the key in the ignition, start the engine, and push the pedal. You cant do that with your mind.
你应该清楚当你开始不断分析事情的时候会给你带来什么?这是在给自己增加压力。你这是在消耗自己,担心,过分思虑,脑子里总想些乱七八糟的事情,非常夸张,那我们的头脑会出现什么情况?但是严格的说,你也只能分析你能够做的。从一定意义上说,你将会坐立不安。所以有些时候你需要用钥匙点火,开动机械,推动踏板,你不能用脑子做这些。 内容来自美文网

4.Procrastinating wont get you anywhere.
Getting started is easy, simple, and doable. Yet procrastinating is also easy to do. Ironic isnt it? But the truth is, delaying what youve been dying to do isnt going to benefit you. At best, itll hinder you in more ways than one. Remember what I said earlier about what we do everyday is a habit? Well If you procrastinate enough, that habit will creep into other parts of your life as well. If you procrastinate with simple things, youll procrastinate with harder things. One leads to another. Start small If you must, but at the least you need to get started.
开始行动其实很简单,也是可行的。然而拖延也很容易做到的,你不觉得讽刺吗?但是事实上,拖延你将做的事情对你并不利。实际上,它将在很多方面阻止你。还记得上面我刚说的每天干的事情就会成为一个习惯?当你拖延成为习惯,这个毛病就会侵蚀到你生活的其他方面。当你在简单的事情上拖延,那你也将会在复杂的事情上拖延。事情之间往往存在着连锁反应。尽管你仅仅是开始了一小步,但是至少你需要开始。 内容来自美文网

3.The last thing you want to do is regret not starting.
Regretting what youve done is one thing, but regretting what youve never done is another. Lets be honest, regretting what you havent done is so much worse. Especially when its something youre adamant to do. You dont want to be that person who regrets it 30 years from now, do you?


2.You can adjust your actions along the way.
Ready, aim, fire! Youve heard of the saying, right? Well what happens if you spend all your time aiming, and not firing? Youll never hit anything! Thats basically what youre doing by thinking too much and not getting started. Ready, fire, aim should be your approach. You might not get it right on the first shot, but you can adjust your aim as you go along.
准备,瞄准,开火!你可能已经听到一些说法,如果你只是把时间全部放在瞄准,而不是开火,那么你将永远无法捕获任何东西。充分考虑自己要做的事情是一项基础性工作,并不代表已经开始行动。准备,开火,目标,这应该成为你的步骤。你可能第一枪没能击中,但是你可以边干边调整。 www.verywen.com

1.Its better to make a mistake than do nothing at all.
This ties in with the last point I just made. I dont like to make mistakes, you dont like to mistakes, nobody likes to make mistakes. But nobodys perfect so its impossible not to make a mistake. As great as computers and smartphones are, even they can make mistakes! You cant get away from it. And thats OK. Just be sure to get started on whatever youve been delaying for so long. And when you do make a mistake, learn from it and get it right the next time. Then youll be way ahead, I can guarantee you that!
这点和我刚才说的观点紧紧相连。我不喜欢犯错误,你也不喜欢犯错误,没有人喜欢犯错误。但是没有人可以完美无缺,永远不犯错误是不可能的。先开始做一些已经被你拖延很久的事情吧。当你犯了错误,从错误中吸取教训,下一次给予改正,然后你就可以勇往直前,我保证你可以做到。 美文网

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