20个习惯让你成为幸福的人 英语美文推荐

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I think of myself as the happiest person whenever I walk into a room, and most people notice my smile right away. Here are 20 ways you can find yourself as happy as I am. 内容来自美文网

每当我进入一个房间的时候,我总是认为自己是最幸福的人,大部分的人都会立刻注意到我的微笑。下面是20条习惯,可以让你和我一样幸福。 copyright verywen.com

1. Let it go. 内容来自美文网

1.顺其自然 copyright verywen.com

When someone criticizes you or says something not-so-nice, just forget it. Worse things have been uttered in human history. Even when you know the person meant it, remember that you become stronger by accepting them for who they are and knowing your capabilities. copyright verywen.com

当有人批评你或说你坏话时,别往心里去。人类历史上还发生过比这更糟糕的事情呢。即便你知道这个人不是在开玩笑,记住,学会接受并相信自己的能力会让你变得更强大。 verywen.com

2. Be kind. 本文来自美文网

2.待人友善 copyright verywen.com

People who are mean and feel the need to put others down are insecure with themselves. But when you are kind to others, kindness returns to you.


有些人刻薄,喜欢贬低别人以求得自身的安全感。但当你友善地对待他人时,他们也会用友善回报你。 美文网

3. Think of your problems as challenges. 本文来自美文网

3.把问题看做挑战 copyright verywen.com

When you come up against a difficulty, whether a person or an event, consider what your future self will have learned from it. I believe it was Kanye West, or maybe Nietszche, who said, What doesnt kill me makes me stronger.


遇到困难时,不论这困难是人还是事,想想你将会从中学到什么。记不清是坎耶维特斯(Kanye West)还是尼采(Nietszche)曾说过,ldquo;那些杀不死我的东西,只会让我变更强。rdquo; copyright verywen.com

4. Express gratitude. copyright verywen.com



When you let people know that you appreciate them, they are more willing to help you in the future. Saying thank you is more than good mannersits karma. 本文来自美文网

时时对人表达感谢之意会使他们在未来更愿意帮助你。说一句ldquo;谢谢rdquo;不仅仅是礼貌mdash;mdash;凡事都有因果报应。 www.verywen.com

5. Dream big. verywen.com

5.理想远大 美文网

The happiest person has reached the highest level of Maslows Hierarchy of Needsself-actualization. If you want to be happy you must work hard to achieve something, and strive to attain that life goal.

copyright verywen.com

最幸福的人已经达到马洛斯需求层次的最高层次mdash;mdash;自我实现。想要幸福,你就得努力工作取得些成就,并努力实现人生目标。 美文网

6. Speak well of others. 内容来自美文网

6.称赞他人 本文来自美文网

The Buddhist notion of right thought, right action is an important one. Its in the mind that negativity starts. By clearing your head of negative ideas of others, you will clear your mind of problems, worries and fears, and you wont be tempted to gossip or speak ill and bring that negativity back to you. 美文网

佛语说ldquo;思想正确决定行动正确rdquo;,这是个很重要的观念。消极情绪是从思想中产生的。清除大脑中对他人的负面想法,就会清除你脑中的问题、担忧与恐惧,这样你就不想八卦或诋毁他人,也不会再把消极情绪带给自己。 www.verywen.com

7. Be in the now. 内容来自美文网

7.干什么想什么 copyright verywen.com

Yes, you have to do your laundry and clean the bathroom when you get home, but while youre here now eating this cheeseburger, just enjoy the cheeseburger. Then apply this lesson to all other moments of pleasure and workyou can deal with the little stuff later. 美文网

是的,你回家后需要洗衣服、打扫浴室,但现在你正在吃奶酪堡,那就好好享受现在的美食。把这个道理应用到其他的娱乐和工作时间mdash;mdash;你可以等会儿再完成那些琐事。 www.verywen.com

8. Do not compare yourself to others. verywen.com



As soon as you start this, you fall into a trap of ego, a grasping at the temporal, fleeting aspects of reality. Instead, think about what you have that makes you happy, or at least satisfied. copyright verywen.com

一旦开始,你便会陷入自我意识的陷阱、世俗的贪婪、即逝的现实。相反,想想你拥有的让你幸福的一切,或者至少让你满意的东西。 verywen.com

9. Realize you dont need others approval. copyright verywen.com

9.清楚你不需要他人的认同 内容来自美文网

As long as you do what makes you happy, you dont need other people to condone your actions. This will free you to act on what you believe, which will instill confidence into your every act. 内容来自美文网

只要你的作为让你开心,那么就不需要他人认同的你的行为。这将使你自由地做你信仰的事情,并且一举一动都充满自信。 本文来自美文网

10. Be honest. 美文网

10.诚信待人 美文网

Lies, even little ones, imply that you are willing to be lied to in return. But when you keep your conversation honest, you will maintain a higher level of integrity in your world.


谎言,即使是微不足道的小谎,都暗示着别人也可能对你撒谎。但如果你诚信待人,那么你的世界便会充满诚信。 美文网

11. Take time to listen. verywen.com

11.学会倾听 本文来自美文网

The happiest person doesnt interrupt because she knows that if she wants to be heard, she has to listen to others. By listening instead of waiting to speak, you can understand what motivates others, which can help you build rapport with them and understand yourself. verywen.com

最幸福的人不会打断他人,因为她知道,如果希望有人倾听,首先要学会倾听他人。倾听,而不是找机会说话,你会理解他人的动机,这样可以帮助你与他人建立融洽的关系,并且可以更好地理解自己。 内容来自美文网

12. Accept what cant be changed.

copyright verywen.com

12.不能改变的,学会接受 内容来自美文网

Sure, I wish I was taller, smarter, and better looking. But Im not. As soon as I realized that I wasnt going to be President of the U.S.A., I figured out what I did want to do with my life: write. 美文网

当然,我希望我可以再高点、聪明点、好看点,但是我不能。当我清楚自己不可能成为美国总统时,我找到了我真正想做的事情:写作。 本文来自美文网

13. Read daily selections from a book of wisdom. verywen.com

13.每天读本智慧的书籍 copyright verywen.com

Magazines and newspapers are all well and good, but the reason people throughout history have dedicated their lives to religion and philosophy is because of the wisdom these sacred texts hold. It doesnt matter if its a Bible, Torah or Quran verse, reading these books of wisdom will remind you of what came before and what will come after you. 本文来自美文网

杂志或报纸都是不错的选择。历史上人们把生命奉献给宗教或哲学的原因就是这些神圣语篇里充满智慧。圣经、律法、古兰经都可以,读这些智慧的书籍会提醒你铭记过去憧憬未来。 www.verywen.com

14. Travel at least two weeks of the year.

copyright verywen.com

14.每年至少花两周时间旅行 verywen.com

Its even better if its foreign travel. Alas, getting out of the country can be expensive. When you go somewhere different, to remind yourself of how people live in places other than those that youre used to, you will be happy to return to what you have when its time. 美文网

出国游当然是最好的了。唉,但是出国游非常昂贵。到一个不同的环境,看看那里的生活和你居住的地方有什么不同,这样,旅行结束时你会很开心回到原来的地方。 copyright verywen.com

15. Catch yourself before negativity starts.

copyright verywen.com



Yeah, its easy to read the above points and say, okay, I get it. But the hardest part of being happy is realizing when negativity starts to creep into your mind and from there, getting rid of it. verywen.com



16. Dress well.


16.衣着得体 内容来自美文网

Youre only as good as you feel, and you can only feel good if you look good. Personal hygiene, grooming, and fashion enter into this. Rarely will you find someone well-dressed crying by themselves. 美文网

只有自己觉得好才是好,而只有仪表得体时才会自我感觉不错。这包括个人卫生、仪容和服装。你很少遇见衣着讲究的人大喊大叫的。 内容来自美文网

17. Enjoy sadness. verywen.com

17.享受悲伤 美文网

John Keats said that in the temple of delight melancholy has her sovran shrine. In other words, at the heart of every joy is a glimmer of sadness waiting to shine through. The same goes for sadnesswithin every pain is a reversal of fortune that will lead you to feel happy again. So when those moments come, enjoy them. They wont last long. www.verywen.com



18. Eat well. 内容来自美文网



You are what you eat, so if youre stuffing yourself with cheeseburgers and hot dogs every day, chances are you are overweight and you lack energy and mental clarity. Instead, make sure to eat enough fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydratesand indulge in moderation. 本文来自美文网

人如其食,所以如果你每天都吃奶酪堡和热狗,那么很有可能你很胖,并且缺乏活力和清醒的头脑。相反,每天应该多吃蔬菜和水果,摄入足够的蛋白质和碳水化合物mdash;mdash;适量最好。 美文网

19. Keep in touch with your friends and family. 本文来自美文网

19.常和家人朋友保持联络 内容来自美文网

Your familyin most casesloves you unconditionally. Its important to keep in touch with them, whether its a weekly phone call or an annual visit. Friends too help to inspire and support happy people. Take time out of your week to communicate with them. copyright verywen.com

大多数情况下,家人对你的爱是无条件的。不论是一周通一次电话还是一年回家探望一次,和家人保持联络是非常重要的。朋友也是幸福之人的鼓励与支持。所以每周花点时间和他们交流交流吧。 copyright verywen.com

20. Be alone. copyright verywen.com

20.享受独处 copyright verywen.com

The happiest person is comfortable spending time by himself. Thats because he loves himself. A lot. He is just as comfortable spending an entire day alone as he is spending it with someone else. You should be too. verywen.com


copyright verywen.com