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Among the more curious questions that can be asked about love is this:when one feels romantic love ,does he feel it in breaks .with interruputions or clanges,or does he feel it continuously without interruption or change. copyright verywen.com

有关爱情的各种稀奇古怪的问题中,有一个问题是这样的:当一个人感受浪漫的爱情时,他是时断时续或有所变化地感受呢,还是永恒不变地畅游其中? verywen.com

Poetry and song. seciuce one into thinking love continues without interruption. Love is notlove which alters when its alterations finds,wrote Shakespeare in one of his famous sonnets .Love is an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken, he continued .And Elizabeth ROBERT Browning wrote of her constancy to her husband Robert in such lines as this:what I do and what I dream include thee.Some of the greatest operas also praise the ever-lasting love by some heroes and heroines dying for it. 本文来自美文网



In reality,love probably goes on with breaks and interruptions .First ,it's difficult to suppose that one can experience anything continuously.Sleep interrupts wakefulness ,and sleep itself is interrupted by dreams and nightmares.The feeling one has for his lover during wakefulness may be blotted out or intensified by sleep.In either case ,the feeling changes. 内容来自美文网

实际上,爱情很可能间断性地发展。首先,很难想象人们能持续不变地经历任何事情。睡眠中断清醒,而睡眠本身叉被美梦和噩梦所挠扰。一个人在清醒时对其爱人的感情是浑浊的,在睡眠中的加强的。万一,这种感觉是可以改变的。 copyright verywen.com

When one is awake,he cannot fix his eyes for his attention constantly on a single object.He must blink,if nothing else .More likely he will look to something else for variety or from necessity.His mind may turn to the stock market or he may become fascinated by the operation of a pile driver on his way to work.His focus for such of his day is on work.As he closes the door to his office,his thoughts may turn to his love ,but sitting at his desk,his eyed fix on the print and figures there.

当一个人醒着的时候,他不能集中他的注意力在一只眼睛上。如果没有其他事情,他必须是盲人。或许必要的时候他用现实的眼睛看待更多的事情。他的思想转向其他或者在他工作的路上大量的行人他术后变得更加迷人。他的思想集中在他工作的一天,当他靠近公司的窗户,他思考着朝着他的爱,但是坐在他的凳子上,他的眼神集聚在花布或者手指那里。 美文网