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Edward Wellman bade' good-bye to his family in the old country and headed for a better life in America.Papa handed him the family's savings hidden in a leather satchel.Times are desperate here, he said, hugging his son good-bye. You are our hope. Edward boarded the Atlantic freighter offering free transport to young men willing to shovel coal in return for the month-long journey. If Edward struck gold in the Colorado Rockies, the rest of the family could eventually join him. verywen.com


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For months, Edward worked his claim tirelessly,and the small vein of gold provided a moderate but steady income. At the end of each day, as he walked through the door of his two-room cabin, he yearned forthe woman he loved to greet hits. Leaving Ingrid behind before he could officially court her had been his only regret in accepting this American Adventure. 美文网

数月以来,爱德华不知疲倦地在他的矿区开采,而找到的那一小条黄金矿脉提供了一份不算多但很稳定的收入。每当一天结束,迈进他那只有两个房间的小木屋里,他多么渴望他所爱的那个女子能在门口迎接他还没来得及向英格里德正式求爱,就离她而去,这是这趟美国冒险之旅惟一使他感到遗憾的地方. verywen.com

Their tanily had been Friends for years and for as long as he could remember, he had secretly hoped to make lngrid his wife. I ler lone. flowing hair and radiant smile made her the most beautiful of the I lenderson sisters. I le had just begun sitting by her at Church picnics and making up silly reasons to stop by her house,just he could her. As he went to sleep in his cabin each night. Edward longed to stroke her auburn hair and hold her in his arms. Finally, he wrote to Papa, asking him to help make this dream come true. www.verywen.com

他们两家是世交,而从记事起,他就暗自希望能娶英格里德为妻。她那飘逸的长发和灿烂的笑容使得她成了亨德森家姐妹之中的翘楚他最初是在教会野餐时傍她而坐,编造出傻傻的理由好在她家门前驻足,只是为了看她一眼。每个夜晚,当爱德华躺在木屋里时,他都渴望能轻抚她那一头红褐色的秀发,拥她人怀。终于,他写信给爸爸,请他帮助自己梦想成真. copyright verywen.com

After nearly a year, a telegraph came with a plan to make his life complete. Mr. Hcnderson had agreed to send his daughter to Edward in America. Because she was a hardworking young woman with a good mind for business, she would work alongside Edward for a year to help the mining business grow. By then both families could afford to come to America for their wedding.

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将近一年之后,一封电报带来了一个让他人生变得完满的计划。亨德森同意把他的女儿送到远在美国的爱德华身边。因为他是个勤快的姑娘,又有商业头脑,她一定能在一年之内帮助爱德华把矿里的生意打理得蒸蒸日上。到那时,两家人就有能力来美国参加他们的婚礼了。 本文来自美文网

Edward's heart soared with joy as he spent the next month trying to snake the cabin into a home. He brought a cot for him to sleep on in the living area and tried to make his former bedroom suitable for women. Floral cloth from flour sacks replaced the burlap-bag curtains covering the grimy window. He arranged dried sage from the meadow into a tin-can vase on the nightstand. 内容来自美文网



At last, the day he had been waiting for his whole life arrived. With a bouquet of fresh-picked daisies in hand, he left for the train depot. Steam billowed and wheels screeched as the train crawled to a stop. Edward scanned every window looking for lngrid's glowing hair and smile.


终于,他守望了一生的那一天到来了,手里攘着一束刚摘的雏菊,他去了火车站。火车缓缓停下,蒸汽缭绕,车轮发出尖锐声响。爱德华的目光扫过每一个窗口,寻找英格里德光彩夺目的秀发和容光焕发的笑脸。 www.verywen.com

His heart beat with eager anticipation, then stopped with a sinking thud. Not Ingrid, but her older sister Marta, stepped down from the train. She stood shyly before him, her eyes cast down. verywen.com

他的心因急切的期待而坪坪直跳,但随即猛地一沉,一步步走下火车的不是英格里德,而是他的姐姐玛尔塔。她腼腆地站在他面前,双目低垂。 美文网

Edward only stared-dumfounded`',. Then with shaking hands he offered Marta the bouquet.Welcome, he whispered, his eyes burning. A smile etched across her plain face. 美文网

爱德华只是盯着她,脑子都麻木了,然后他用颤抖的手向玛尔塔献上花束。欢迎,他小声说,眼泪都快涌出来了,她并不漂亮的脸上浮现一丝微笑。 copyright verywen.com

I was pleased when Papa said you sent for me, Marta said, looking into his eyes briefly, before dropping her head again. 美文网

当我听爸爸说你让我来这儿时,我高兴极了,玛尔塔说着,迅速看了看他的双眼,又低下了头。 verywen.com

I'll get your bags, Edward said with a fake smile. Together they headed for the buggy. www.verywen.com

我来帮你拿包吧,爱德华不自然的笑着说道。他们一起走向马车。 美文网

Mr. Henderson and Papa were right. Marta did have a grasp of business. While Edward worked the mine, she worked the office. From her makeshifts' desk in one corner of the living area, she kept detailed records of all claim activity.


亨德森先生和爸爸是对的,玛尔塔的确是块做生意的料。爱德华负责矿区,她负责办公室。在外屋一角的临时办公桌上,她记录着矿区的每项收支。 美文网

Within six months, their assets doubled. 本文来自美文网

6个月之内,他们的财产翻了一番。 美文网

Her delicious meals and quiet smile graced the cabin with a wonderful woman's touch. But the wrong woman, Edward mourned as he collapsed onto his cot each night, why did they send Marta? Would he ever see Ingrid again? Was his lifelong dream to have her as his wife forsakens;? 本文来自美文网

她烹制的美味菜肴和恬静的笑容给小木屋增添了温馨的女性气息。但是她不是自己所爱的那个人啊,爱德华每天晚上都倒在他的小床上哀叹。为什么他们送来的是玛尔塔?他能再见到英格里德吗?难道娶她为妻的终身梦想就此破灭了吗? 内容来自美文网