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Love is a telephone which always keep silent when you are longing for a call ,but rings when you are not ready for it.As a result,we often miss the sweetness from the other end. 内容来自美文网



Love is a telephone which is seldom program-controlled or directly dialed.You can not get an immediate answer by a merehelli.let alone go deep into your lover's heart by one call.Usually it has to be relayed by an operator,and you have to be patient in waiting.Destiny is the operator of this phone.Who is always irresphnsible and fond of playing practical joes to which she may make you a lifelong victim intentionally or unintentionally. copyright verywen.com

爱情这部电话通常不是程控或者直拨的。并非仅仅靠说一声喂便可立即得到回音,更不是呼唤一声就能深深打动你爱人的心。它通常需要接线员,你需要耐心等待。命运是这部电话的话务员,她总是缺乏责任心,又爱搞恶作剧,或许有意无意地捉弄你一生。 内容来自美文网

Love is a telephone which is always busy.When you are ready to die for love,you only find,to your disappointment,the line is already occupied by someone else,and you are reeted only by a busy line.This is an cternal regret handed down from generation to generation and you are only one of those who languish for followers. 本文来自美文网

爱情这部电话总是忙忙碌碌。当你正准备全身心投入,甚至心甘情愿为爱情而献身时,却发现线路正忙,已经有人通话了,迎接你的只是忙音,使你大失所望。这是人类代代相袭的永恒的遗憾,只不过你又是一个为花而憔悴的人。 美文网

Love is a telephone which is sometimes so sensitive that you are put through by a single dial and responded to as soon as you say hello .But,more often than not,you only hang it up and turn away saddly just because of its lack of challenge and effort.Once you realize your mistake.No one is available at the other end.




Love is a telephone ,but it is difficult to size the right time for dialing,and you will let slip the opportunity if your call is either too early or too late. www.verywen.com



Love is a telephone which is not always associated with happiness.Honeyed words are transmitted by sound waves,but when the lovers are brought together,the phone aerves no purpose.No wonder that many lovers observe that marriage is the doom of love. 内容来自美文网



Love is a telephone which,when you use it for the first time ,makes you so nervous and excited that you enther hold the receiver upside down or dial the wrong number.By the time you have calmed down,you will be at a loss to whom you should make the call.

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爱情这部电话,第一次使用,会令你紧张、激动不已,不是拿倒了话筒就是拨错厂号码。等你不再紧张激动的时候,往往不知道该给谁打电话。 美文网

Love is a telephone which often has crossed lines.And this usually happens to you unexpectedly,Your time will either cross or be crossed.Both cases are referred to astriangles Fortunately,all such occurrences are transient. 美文网

爱情这部电话还经常串线,而且串线常在你意想不到的时候发生。不是你的线路串到别人的线路上,就是别人的线路串到你的线路上。这两种情况均被称为三角串。幸运的是,每一次串线都是暂时的。 内容来自美文网

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