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双语美文:公开信 致忧伤的你 美文网

Dear Anyone Having a Bad Week, 内容来自美文网

亲爱的度过糟糕一周的你: verywen.com

I'm sorry. I have no idea why your week is bad, or how bad it actually is. I don't know if you've told anyone, if there's anything that could fix it or if it's made you rather unpleasant to be around. But I do know that I'm sorry that you're hurting, or stressed, or exhausted, or grieving, or frustrated, or depressed, or lonely, or scared or lost. copyright verywen.com

我很抱歉,我无从知晓你的这一周为何很糟糕,也不知道实际情况到底有多糟。不知道你是否有找人倾诉,是否有什么方式可以让你好受一些或者说现实是否让你更加难过。但是我清楚地知道我为你一切不好的情绪感到深深的同情,无论是你受到伤害或者感到压力,亦或是感到疲惫、悲伤、筋疲力尽、沮丧、孤独、害怕还是迷失。 www.verywen.com

I thought about writing this letter in a couple of different ways. I thought about writing it about the things you could do to feel better: show yourself compassion, go outside and look at the trees, look at a baby photo of yourself. Or I thought about focusing the letter on how the bad weeks can actually be pretty beautiful, if you look at them the right way. I almost wrote those letters, and maybe at some point I will, but I think I ended up deciding that I wasn't writing to make anyone feel better -- I just want you to feel heard. 内容来自美文网

我想象过用各种不同的方式来写这封信。我想象写一些可以让你感到好些的事情:比如对自己表示同情、出去看看树木或者看看自己儿时的照片;或者我也想象过将信的着重点放在,如果你用正确的方式来看待糟糕的一周,你或许会发现这一周实际很美好。我差一点就那样写了,也许将来会这样写。但是现在我最终决定不写这些。我只是想让你们感到,有人听到了你们的心声。 美文网

There's something about humans that makes us crave for our pain to be recognized. There is something inherently good and comforting in having someone say, Yeah, that sounds really hard, or, It really sucks that you have to deal with all that.


作为人类本身,我们都渴望自己的悲伤被了解。如果有人能在这个时候对你说是的,那听起来的确很糟或者你需要面对这些真的是太不幸了,我们的内心都会感到些许好转或安慰。 verywen.com

But unfortunately, that's not always the direction that society pushes us in. We have been taught that bad days are to be silently borne beneath a bright smile; that expressions of pain are uncomfortable.

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I want you to know you can feel free to spill your bad day all over the place and wear it on the front of your shirt. www.verywen.com

我想要让你知道,你可以在任何地方自由表露你的坏情绪,你甚至可以将它画在T恤上穿在你的身上。 www.verywen.com

I want you to know that the expressions of your pain are beautiful and that I will try my very hardest to feel the hurt with you. I want you to know that your grumpy, stressed out, short-tempered self is just as awesome as your cheerful self. Please do not shun your suffering. 本文来自美文网

我想要让你知道你表现出来的悲伤也很美丽,我会尽我最大的努力来尽量感受你的不幸。我想要让你知道,有坏情绪、压力感和小脾气的你与快乐时的你一样可爱。请不要再压抑自己的情感。 本文来自美文网

In writing this, know that I hear you, and let yourself be healed. I hope your day turns around, and that even if it doesn't, you can still find a few moments of beauty and/or happiness amidst the crappiness. For all of you not having bad days -- carry on, and enjoy. 本文来自美文网



Sincerely, verywen.com

此致 verywen.com

Clara Wagner verywen.com

克拉拉瓦格纳 www.verywen.com



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