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On the next day the businessman, as always, threw out the otter is still waiting, Miss! www.verywen.com

第二天,那个商人还像往常一样随日说:小姐,那笔交易还有效! verywen.com

Sitting in front of him, Reny asked: how much?in a business manner. copyright verywen.com

瑞妮在他面前坐下,用一种谈生意的口吻说:多少钱? 内容来自美文网

The man turned red. He hadn't expected her question, but still he managed to utter coolly:1000 dollars! 美文网

他的脸红她这样问有点出乎意料,但是他还是镇静地回答道:1000美元 本文来自美文网

She had never seen so much money at one time Why ever not'' Still, she decided to take a risk;2000 copyright verywen.com

瑞妮从来没有见过那么多钱,为什么不答应呢,但她还决定再赌一把:2000羌元 copyright verywen.com

AgreedHe nodded after a brief thinking and asked when. verywen.com

成交、他想了一下就点头了,然后又问:什么时候? 美文网

Tonight. After work. I finish at 12, she whispered and bowed down her head.

copyright verywen.com

瑞妮低下头小声说:今晚,我下班后,我12点下班 copyright verywen.com

My chauffer will wait for you outside, ok?


那我的司机到时候在外面等你,好吧? copyright verywen.com

She nodded and stood up, made for the har, her legs shaking with agitation. She grasped the plot with both hands and closed her eyes。


她点点头,站起来,匆匆朝吧台走去,双腿因为激动而颤抖不已。她闭上眼睛,双手紧握着,仿佛要握紧这个秘密 内容来自美文网

Did that guy insult you, sweetie?' the barman whispered and fingered the bathe always kept by his side, placed in the corner. 美文网



No she answered. avoiding his eyes. copyright verywen.com

她避开他的眼神,回答道:没有。 www.verywen.com

When, in the evening she had completed the polishing of the tables, she glanced at the clock on the wall--15 minutes had passed after midnight. She nodded goodbye to the barman and left. 内容来自美文网

晚上收拾完桌子,瑞妮膘了一眼墙上的钟已经午夜12 : 15了,她和男招待员道别后就走了. copyright verywen.com

The white Mercedes waited her before the entrance. The chauffeur, standing by the Car, immediately opened the rear door for her. With Before turning the ignition switch, he turned back the speed of lightning, he sat behind the wheel and handed her a big envelope. www.verywen.com



For you


给你的 copyright verywen.com

Surprised, Reny took Lhe envelope. ller fingers felt it impatiently. Banknotes, a lot of banknotes! 美文网

瑞妮吃了一惊,还是接过了信封。她感到她的手已经迫不及待地摸着信封,钞票,好多啊。 www.verywen.com

She didn't realize when the car had driven off. or when it stopped. She sat on the back seat, pressing theTrembling, envelope to her breast. The chauffeur quickly sprang out of the car and opened hershe climbed out and looked around--but, for some reason, the car had parked in door. front of her own block, she screwed up her eyes in surprise, and turned towards the chauffeur, her brows rising questioningly.


她不知道车什么时候发动了,也不知道什么时候停下来了她坐在后座上,把信封紧紧地抱在胸前司机飞快地下车,为她打开车门_、她颤抖着走出来,四处看了看,但是,不知什么原因,车竟然停在她家楼下她惊讶的眯着眼睛,转向司机,满脸疑惑住。 美文网

Shall I accompany you'.' he asked politely, nodding towards the stinky dark entrance. www.verywen.com

要我送你吗,司机礼貌地问道,盯着那个又黑又臭的入口 copyright verywen.com

But she uttered in astonishment. www.verywen.com

但是她惊讶地问道 内容来自美文网

The chauffeur kept smiling, the same mystic way, remaining silent copyright verywen.com

司机还是那样神秘的笑着,没有回答 www.verywen.com

No, thank you! I'll be all right! the girl whispered and rushed for the door. She started running up the dark slippery stairs, because the elevator was out of order for months now, they had cut it off because of unpaid bills.She had reached the second 11oor when the light on the staircase blazed up.She gave a start. Frozen for a second- then she remembered. The chauffeur downstairs must have switched it on. verywen.com

瑞妮低声说:谢谢,不用了,我能行!她说充就冲进门因为没有交费,电梯已经被停好几个月! .她开始上又黑又滑的楼梯的时候,楼道的灯又亮了。她吃了一惊,呆住但是她马上又反应过来,一定是司机在楼下替她打开了开关。 verywen.com

At home, Reny, out of breath, long time counted the banknotes. They always came out 2000dollars. At last, disgusted, she gathered them and carried them to the kitchen table. 美文网

瑞妮气喘吁叮地进r家门,把信封的钱数好久,怎么数都是2000最后,她又厌恶的把那些钱收起来,放到餐桌。 本文来自美文网

She went back to her room and couldn't sleep all night-she was trying to work out what exactly had happened. Little as she felt like going to work, she still went. For the first time, she was late, but the barman only smiled to her understandingly, he obviously had seen the white Mercedes that had waited for her last night.




All was like usual-men followed her with eyes greedy and burning with desire, and the barman snarled around and saw to it that their advances didn't get close to anything but dreams and intentions. verywen.com

一切都还像往常一样那些男人为着她转,眼睛里充满着贪婪,燃烧着欲望,那个酒吧男招待员到处呵斥,以保证那些挑逗只是幻想而已。 www.verywen.com

As always, exactly at 12 o'clock came the businessman, too. While she was serving him his whisky, he said between his teeth, If you hadn't accepted the money, I would have married you! verywen.com

像往常一样,那个商人12点又来了,在瑞妮给他斟酒的时候,他咬牙切齿地说:若你没收下那些钱,我就会娶你。 美文网

He hurled a big banknote on the table and stood up, without even touching his drink. 本文来自美文网



As she was watching his broad back disappear behind the door. Reny understood that the moment she had started to love this man, she had lost him. copyright verywen.com

瑞妮望着他宽阔的后背渐渐消失在口后,就在那一刻,她明白了,当她开始爱上这个男人的时候,却已经失去他了。 本文来自美文网

copyright verywen.com