Do You Know Your Perception?你知道你的知觉吗?(双语

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Do You Know Your Perception? 本文来自美文网

你知道你的知觉吗? verywen.com

Perception is a subjective experience. As we know, everyone has different feeling about the same thing, like the same expression show in the video, but it create different feeling in audiences heart. What we think we see is actually filtered through our own minds eye. verywen.com

知觉是一种主观体验。正如我们所知, 对于件事每个人都有不同的感觉,正如从视频中看到的一样,但它在观众的心中创造了不同的感觉。我们认为我们看到的实际上是透过自己的心眼。 copyright verywen.com

We see the world through own minds eye. Usually, there will be many different views for one thing. Of course, we are not vision scientist, we dont need spend much time to do a lot of research on it. 美文网

我们通过自己的心眼看世界。通常,对于同一件事会有很多不同的看法。当然,我们不是视觉科学家,我们不需要花太多时间去做大量的研究。 verywen.com

However, did you ever think a minute in your mind that can we use it on our study, work and life? 美文网

但是,你在你的头脑中有没想过一分钟我们是否可以使用它在我们的学习,工作和生活吗? verywen.com

If our eyes only can see prize, why dont you praise yourself appropriately? On the one hand, you can keep on your objective, continue to pursue your dream. On the other hand, it can make you feel easier to achieve it. Moreover, it can give you a colorful and meaningful life. copyright verywen.com

如果我们的眼睛只能看到奖赏,你为什么不适当赞美自己呢?一方面,你可以坚持你的目标,继续追求自己的梦想。另一方面,它可以使你感到更容易实现。此外,它可以给你一个丰富多彩的而有意义的生活。 www.verywen.com

Most of time, we cannot wait for others giving our prize, but we can give it to ourselves. At least, this is one of the best ways to live your life. Life always not easy, but its always up to you whether optimistic or pessimistic. Therefore, try to love yourself and praise yourself more. At least, show the prize to your eyes. 内容来自美文网

大多数时间,我们不能等待别人给我们赞美,但我们可以自己给自己。至少,这是一个最好的过你自己的生活的方式之一。生活总是不容易,但是它始终是取决于你是否乐观或悲观。因此,试着爱自己,赞美自己。至少, 让你的眼睛看见赞美。 本文来自美文网

For students, dont so pessimistic to your grades in school. Try your best is ok. But it not means you can give up your dream. On the contrary, insist your dream and achieve it, dont let it go because of the cruel reality. Hence, show your gift to your eyes instead of your weakness. 本文来自美文网

对于学生, 对你在学校的成绩不要太悲观。尽你最大的努力就可以了。但这并不意味着你可以放弃你的梦想。相反,坚持你的梦想并实现它,不要因为残酷的现实而让它失去。因此,展示你的天赋而不是你的弱点给你的眼睛。 内容来自美文网

After graduation, maybe you will become a manager or boss. Try to use the perception theory, it most likely will bring mutual benefit to your employees, customers and your company. 美文网


copyright verywen.com

As for the family, we can live a harmonious life by praising family members more often as well. Dont trouble difficult relationship between family members anymore. So, be generous to praise!


对于家庭,我们可以过上和谐的生活通过经常称赞家人。不要再因为家庭成员之不随和的的关系而烦恼。所以,慷慨的赞美! 本文来自美文网

In short, you should try to use the perception theory instead only droved by it unconsciously. Dont waste such an important resource, which god gives you without pay. 美文网