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It was two years ago when I first met him. At that time, he was a roamer who had、 just come to this city, single and had no thought of settling down. I still remember that he used to describe himself as a lost child drifting in the world, seeking things to till his heart, he could never stop, for he would lose his way, then die in silence. www.verywen.com

我第一次遇见他是两年前的事那时,他还是刚刚到这里的游民,单身,不愿安定。我还记得他曾经把自己说成是漂泊于城市的迷途羔羊,追寻一着能填满心灵的东西,他不能停下来,因为那样他会迷路,然后寂然死去. copyright verywen.com

It was like a crystal, though, our relationship, beautiful. pure but fragile. Sometimes we just like old friends. talking and laughing. But I knew that, there is always a separate yvorld in which only he exists, and he never let other people in. 内容来自美文网

尽管我们的关系如同水.界{般美丽,纯洁却也同样脆弱有时我们就像老朋友一样,谈笑风生但是我知道,他有一个属于自己的独立世界,他从来不让其他人进入。 本文来自美文网

True relationship takes work, I told myself time and time again. I could wait, wait for the day he let me in, and wait for the day we became true friends. For a while, I believed that, until his leaving. verywen.com

真正的感情需要慢慢培养,我一次又一次地告诉自己。我可以等待,等到有一天他让我走进他的内心,等到有一天我们成为真正的朋友。我一度这么相信,直到他离开。 本文来自美文网

It was hidden and with an awful finality`'.Till then did I know that, I was a little part of his time on earth, a little understanding of his physical being. I was a little piece of him. Maybe to his drought-like heart, our relationship was just a drizzle, useless and disappointing. 内容来自美文网

悲惨的结局突然而至,直到那时我才明白,我终究只是他生命时光的一小段,对他有形之身仅有小小一解,也许对于他焦渴的心灵,我们的恋情只是一场毛毛雨,于事无补而且令人失望。 verywen.com

Time slid away from fingers while I was trying to get on with my lifc. I locked our memories in a box and put it at the bottom of my heart, pretending nobody had turned up in my life,nothing had happened.


当我努力地让生活继续下去时,时光从指缝间流过了。我把关于我们的记忆锁进一个匣子,把它埋在心底,假装没有人进人过我的生活,什么都没发生。 美文网

His appearing again split my peace again. Vivid memories came flooding back from the box deep in my heart. For a while, I was vaguely conscious, it was just like there hadn't being any distance, any separation between us, and his one-year left was just an alter of eyes. www.verywen.com



When he told me that he had found the harbor for his wondering heart, I felt like drowning in a lake, cold and breathless. He kept talking but I could not hear a word. Perhaps nobody could be immune to `' such felony. 内容来自美文网


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That night, he and his true love haunted my dream. They were flying far across the fields and woods,, leaving me far behind. I ran and ran, but could not catch up. I was the one left behind.


那一夜,他和她的珍爱萦绕我的梦中,他们飞过田野和树林,把我远远抛在身后。我跑啊跑啊,就是追不上他们,我是被剩下的那个。 verywen.com

At that time, I realized, even perfect love couldn't promise you forever, sometimes, forever means to let him go. 美文网