假设没有如果:你的世界将会改变 英语美文欣赏

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1. If you donrsquo;t understand the product or service, donrsquo;t buy it until you do。如果不明白产品或服务,在明白前先不要买。2. If you do not take ownership of your actions, your actions will eventually own you。如果你不能


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  1. If you dont understand the product or service, dont buy it until you do。如果不明白产品或服务,在明白前先不要买。

2. If you do not take ownership of your actions, your actions will eventually own you。如果你不能掌控自己的行动,它们终将掌控你。

3. If you are not saving at least 10% of your salary, you are not saving enough。如果你没有将工资的10%以上存起来,那就是储蓄得不够多。

4. If you talk too much, people will stop listening. If you dont talk enough, people will never hear your point of view。如果你说太多,别人就懒得听了。如果你惜墨如金,别人会听听你的想法。

5. If you are lazy, you will fail. Laziness will always overshadow your true potential。如果你很懒,那么你不会成功的。懒惰会掩盖你的潜力。

6. If you hate your job, you also hate half of the time you spend on this planet。如果你讨厌你的工作,那等于讨厌你生存在这个世界上的一半时间。 内容来自美文网

7. If you don't finish what you start, your success rate will always be zero。如果你不有始有终,你的成功率将永远是零。

8. If your monthly debt payments exceed 40% of your total income, you will go broke if you dont fix your spending habits promptly。如果你每月还的债务超过了40%的收入,那要改改消费习惯了,不然会入不敷出的。

9. If you avoid your problems, your problems will steer the course of your life。不要逃避问题,你的问题会掌控你的人生轨迹。

10. If something sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true。如果某件事像天上掉馅饼,那基本上就不是真的。

11. If you are buying a brand new car every 3-5 years, stop! You are wasting your money。如果你每过3到5年就换一辆新车,别再这样做了。你在乱花钱!

12. If you dont keep up with important current events, you will look like an idiot in front of others。如果你不跟上时代的潮流,在人前会像白痴。


13. If you are not learning something new every day, you are wasting away days of your life。如果每天没有学到新的东西,你就是在浪费生命。

14. If you dont ever intend to help others, expect them to return the favor。如果你从来没想过帮助别人,那也别指望他们会帮你。

15. If you dont learn from your mistakes, you probably aren't learning much at all。如果你不知道从错误中学习,那估计也不会学到什么了。

16. If you are ever confused, don't be afraid to ask questions。如果你有疑问,那就勇敢问出来。

17. If you dont listen to good music while exercising, you are missing out on the best part of your workout。如果你在锻炼时不听音乐,那你就错过了健身时最美妙的部分。

18. If you are not happy, it's time to change something。如果你不开心,那是应该改变的时候了。

19. If you dress a certain way, people will treat you a certain way。你怎样打扮自己,别人就怎样评价你。 verywen.com

20. If you never try something new, your lifes story will be boring。如果你不尝试新事物,你的人生不会多姿多彩。

21. If you are overly emotional right now, make the decision later。如果你现在情绪不稳定,那就迟些再做决定。