培根散文随笔集第29章:Of the True Greatness of King

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29 of the true greatness of kingdoms estates 论邦国底真正伟大之处 verywen.com

the speech of themistocles the athenian, which was haughty and arrogant, in taking so much to himself, had been a grave and wise observation and censure, applied at large to others. desired at a feast to touch a lute, he said; he could not fiddle, but yet he could make a small town, a great city. these words (holpen a little with a metaphor) may express two differing abilities, in those mat deal in business of estate. for if a true survey be taken, of counsellors and statesmen, there may be found (though rarely) those which can make a small state great and yet cannot fiddle: as on the other side, there will be found a great many, that can fiddle very cunningly, but yet are so far from being able to make a small state great as their gift lieth the other way; to bring a great and flourishing estate to ruin and decay. and certainly, those degenerate arts and shifts, whereby many counsellor and governors gain both favour with their masters, and estimation with the vulgar, deserve no better name then fiddling; being things rather pleasing for the time, and graceful to themselves only, than tending to the weal and advancement of the state which they serve. copyright verywen.com
雅典人塞密斯陶克立斯在某次宴会上有人想请他弹琵琶。他说他不会弄琴可是会把一个小城弄成一座大邦。这句话因为过于归功自己,所以是骄傲不逊;但是如果一般地用在别人身上,则可算是很庄肃贤明的评论。这句话(再用譬喻底说法引申一下)就可以把从事国政者之中两种不同的才能表现出来。因为,如果把议事和执政的各官真正地观察一下,其中也许可以发见(虽然这是很稀有的)几个能使小国变为大邦,而不能弄琴的人;同时,在另一方面,却可以发现许多巧于弄琴可是不但不能使小国变为大邦,而且是有相反的天才的人,他们是能把一个伟大而兴盛的国家带到衰败凋零的地步的。并且,那些堕落的技巧智能,许多公卿大夫借之以邀宠于主上钓名于流俗者,确是除了弄琴之名,不值得更好的名称的:因为这些技巧智能不过是一时欢乐之资,在会者本人虽可借以炫耀,而于他们所事的国家之幸福与进步,则无所裨益也。 美文网