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Recently, I was running a race and thought it was over. The finish line was within sight, so I started my final sprint. As I cornered the last bend in the road, the finish line was not where I believed it to be. In fact, it was still a good half mile down the road. Since I had misjudged the end of the race, I had expended all of my energy and could only coast the remaining distance to the finish line.
最近,我参加了一次赛跑,参加完我就以为是结束了。终点线就在眼前,我开始了最后的冲刺。然而当我转过最后一个弯,我坚信一定会在那里的终点线却不在。事实上,它还在半英里之外。由于我对赛跑终点的错误判断,我耗尽了全部的体力而且只能慢慢跑完剩余的路程。 verywen.com

This analogy holds truth for many things in life. Dont misjudge the finish line in your race.
生活中其他事情也是类似的。不要在赛跑中错误估计终点线。 美文网

The Race Is Longer Than You Think
路程比你想象的长 美文网

Success takes perseverance. And there are no shortcuts to hard work, dedication, and honing of your skills.
成功需要毅力。在工作时没有捷径,必须要奉献,而且磨练你的技能。 内容来自美文网

The race is always longer than you think. There is no such thing as overnight success. Yes, there are flashes in the pan, but they are gone as quickly as they sparkle. Make sure that you are ready to run the long race to completion. Here are 5 Ways to Ensure You Are Prepared to Go the Distance:
赛跑的路程通常比你想象的要长。 罗马不是一夜建成的。是的,也许有昙花一现,但是它闪光之后很快就会消逝。确保你做好了长距离赛跑的准备。这里有五个方法来确保你已经做好了准备: verywen.com

1. Plan for the Long Race


Plan for a long race. Winning is not done in short sprints, but rather long endurance challenges.
制定一个长跑计划。胜利不是一蹴而就的,而是一个长期的耐力挑战。 www.verywen.com

2. Know the Finish Line
知道终点线在哪里 www.verywen.com

If the race you are running doesnt have a finish line you will not know when you are done. Ensure that your goals have deadlines, and thus finish lines (or at least checkpoints along the way.)


3. Always Have a Reserve
做好储备 copyright verywen.com

One of my early mentors said, a true leader always has a reserve. When everyone else is exhausted and spent, it is the leader who still has some left in their tank to persevere.
我先前的一个导师说,一个真正的领导通常都有所储备。 当其他人筋疲力尽,有所储备的领导才能坚持下来。 本文来自美文网

4. Train for the Distance
赛跑训练 www.verywen.com

Make sure you have trained for the distance you are running. Dont go out to run a half marathon, if you have never completed more than a short jog. By train, I mean practice, learn, and prepare for the project you are undertaking.


5. Never Go Empty
不要走空 verywen.com

I am always amazed by those that run to empty and are then stuck on the side of road. Running to empty doesnt accomplish anything other than setting you back in the big picture.


Be Ready to Go the Distance
准备完成这段距离 verywen.com

The race is never short. Those who think that life is a sprint are incorrect. Yes, there are periods of fast change and rapid movement. However, life is a long distance run with many hills, turns, and obstacles.
赛跑从来都不短。认为生活就是短跑是不对的。是的,会有快速变化、运动的时期。然而生活是一次充满山峰、转角和障碍的长跑。 美文网

So, dont misjudge where your finish line is. And always be ready to go the distance.
因此,不要错误判断你的终点线。随时准备好去远方。 美文网