致年轻人:20岁应该知道的20件事 英语轻松阅读

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As college doors start to swish and swing open, slurping young people back in for fall classes, I feel compelled to put my hand up and say, Wait, you forgot something.
大学校园已经慢慢敞开大门,迎接那些即将在秋季入学的年轻人们,我必须举起手说:等等,你们忘了什么事。 内容来自美文网

I have something I want to tell them before they head back up the university's hill to walk new halls, meet new faces and make new decisions that could change their lives. What I wish I had known.


Precious young person, before you leave, can you turn off your phone and let me share something valuable with you? I know you think I am too old to understand you, but I promise, some days I feel closer to your age than I do my own. I haven't forgotten.
年轻人,在你们离开之前,能否关掉手机,让我与你们分享一些重要的事情?我知道你们认为我太老,不能理解你们,但我保证,年轻时候的事情我甚至记得比现在发生的事情还清楚。我从没忘记。 本文来自美文网

What I see in front of me is a life that is valuable and worth more than you can possibly know today. I hope to save you a lot of time, pain and regret.
在我面前展开的生活如此珍贵,你们难以想象。我希望帮你们节约时间,减少痛苦和悔恨。 本文来自美文网

The 20 Things I Wish Someone Told Me at 20:
我希望在20岁时有人告诉我的20件事: 本文来自美文网

1. Hold tight to your real friends and don't forget the closeness that you feel now.


It is real, and over time, life will try to tease those connections away. They will mean everything.
它是真实的,随着时间的流逝,生活会渐渐把这种感觉带走。他们意味着一切。 美文网

2. Although you're smart ... your brain isn't done maturing. Listen to your parents more than you want. REALLY.
虽然你很聪明但你的大脑还不成熟。听你父母的建议,真的要听话。 美文网

Your brain doesn't fully connect all of the dots until you're about 23. Trust me. Trust THEM.
不到23岁,你的大脑还没法把所有的信息点都结合起来理智分析。相信我。相信他们。 copyright verywen.com

3. Keep the joy of being 'in the moment.'
享受当下。 内容来自美文网

You will have to focus on the future so much as you get older -- being mindful to the moment becomes a lost gift.


4. You will miss your youthful body one day -- love it and take care of it.
你有一天会失去年轻的身体珍惜它,爱护它。 内容来自美文网

There will come a day when you become nostalgic for all of those body parts that you don't like now. Take care of them, exercise and enjoy the freedom of your abilities.
有一天,你会想念那些你现在不喜欢的身体部分。照顾好它们,常常锻炼,享受行动能力。 verywen.com

5. If someone has cut you down, that is about THEM, not YOU.
如果有人反驳你,那是他们的事,不是你。 copyright verywen.com

Unkind words are often used to cut a strong person down to make the insecure one feel better. Don't let them stick.
恶意的言语常常把一个强壮的人打倒,使那些缺乏安全感的人自我感觉不错。别让他们得逞。 内容来自美文网

6. Apologize: mean it make it better.
道歉:真诚地道歉,并且让事情变得更好。 本文来自美文网

Say I'm sorry, drop your ego and fix things humbly, without excuses.


7. Education is THAT important.


With 100% certainty, you will be proud of your degrees ... and you will regret it if you don't complete them.
我百分之百的肯定,你会为你的学位感到骄傲如果你没有完成学业,你会后悔的。 copyright verywen.com

8. You can say NO to sexual contact.


You own your body. Walking away is tough in the moment, but your spirit will thank you. And, trust me, in later years, those decisions will fill you and your partner with pride.
你拥有你自己的身体。走开会是个艰难的时刻,但你的灵魂会感谢你的。还有,相信我,过几年之后,那些决定使你和你的伴侣感到自豪。 美文网

9. Whatever you POST is PERMANENT.
你晒出的所有内容都是永久的。 本文来自美文网

Envision that picture, video or comment being pushed across the desk to you as you interview for your first job.


10. Trust the calling on your heart.
跟随心的召唤。 www.verywen.com

Don't quiet the voice inside your spirit. DO the work to get where you are called to go ... even if it is not where someone else thinks you should be going.


11. Spirituality/Religion will be what saves you when the world goes out.
当世界都疯掉时,精神或宗教将会拯救你。 本文来自美文网

Always keep a personal spiritual relationship with God - this will guide you, strengthen you bring you peace. Pray. Meditate. Listen. Every day.


12. Travel.


Seize any (safe) opportunity to journey to a new place, immerse in a new culture, or experience new landscape. Your mind will open in immeasurable ways.
抓住每个(安全的)机会去新的地方旅行,沉浸在新的文化当中。你的眼界会变得异常开阔。 www.verywen.com

13. Don't poison yourself. Don't smoke. Don't take drugs. Don't drink soda.
别毒害自己。不要吸烟。不要吸毒。不要喝碳酸饮料。 www.verywen.com

Toxins affect your outward beauty. Treat your body as purely as possible. It will show.
毒素会影响你的外在美,对待你自己的身体越纯净越好,它会表现出来的。 www.verywen.com

14. Consider the other side of the story.
考虑到事情的另一面。 www.verywen.com

Listen to someone that you don't agree with - ask them where they came from and why they feel the way they do, without judgment. Be OPEN.
听听你反对的人的意见问问他们从哪里来,为什么这样想,不要评论。敞开心扉。 verywen.com

15. Talk yourself out of the need to compare yourself.
别和自己比较。 本文来自美文网

Strive to be the best YOU, not a copy of the person next to you. Know your strengths. Don't belittle your weaknesses.
努力做最好的自己,而不是一个身边人的副本。了解自己的优势,不要轻看自己的缺点。 美文网

16. Talk to your educators. Ask for help. Be known and be memorable.


By being known, teachers will be more invested in you and your success. You might also gain a mentor.
老师们如果了解你,就会更关注你和你的成功。你也许还会得到一位人生导师。 verywen.com

17. Love your parents. Love your grandparents.


Look them in the eye and listen to their stories. You never know when it is going to be too late.


18. People will treat you the way that you allow them to.


You have half the power to determine how every relationship goes as a whole. Be empowered to keep positive people close and negative people at bay. You do have a choice.
你只有一半的能力决定人际关系如何发展。和积极的人来往,远离消极的人。你可以选择。 美文网

19. Pay attention to how people treat their parents ... and their waiters.
注意别人是怎样对他们的父母的和服务人员。 copyright verywen.com

The way a potential partner treats his/her parents is a good predictor of how they will be in a marriage. The way they treat a waiter (or any service person) shows you their character.
另一半如何对待父母可以看出他们在婚姻中会是什么样子,他们如何对待服务生会让你看到他们的性格。 copyright verywen.com

20. Listen to your still, small voice.


God gave you a spirit that speaks to you from that spot deep in your core. You can feel it give you a stinging bzzzz when you should not be somewhere, and a feel-good lalalala! when you are in a very good place. Trust those GUT feelings.
上帝给了你一个会在你心底某处和你说话的精灵。当你不该出现在某处时,你会听到它发出呲的声音,如果你在一个好的地方,会听到啦啦啦......。相信那些直觉。 copyright verywen.com