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When youre nearing the summit of this turbulent climb through life, will you reach the top with wild enthusiasm or will you be hobbling with the aching knees of regret? Youve climbed through storms, passed over green patches and had help from friends, and now its almost over. Your whole life has been leading you to this moment and one thing is certain: this final ascent we all have to do alone.
生活遇到湍急巅峰时,你是乐观攀登到顶点还是悲叹着徘徊不前?你已经历过狂风暴雨、走过一马平川,也得到过朋友的帮助,但现在一切已成过往。人生走到这一刻,唯一能确定的便是:最后这一仗,你只能孤身奋战了。 verywen.com

What thoughts will flash through your mind? You will be faced with tough questions such as: Did I do enough, love enough, was I happy?
你想到了什么?是不是想到这样的棘手问题:我做得够好吗?爱得够多吗?我快乐吗? 内容来自美文网

You might leave these questions simmering on the back burner, thinking tomorrow will be a good day to contemplate the answers, but remembertomorrow might not come!

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So heres what you can do today. Lets call this an insurance policy for tomorrows happiness.
下面这些事情是你今天就能做的,姑且看作是明天幸福的保证吧。 内容来自美文网

1. Put your health and wellness above everything else
健康高于一切 www.verywen.com

There is an old saying: If you dont have your health you have nothing, and this is very true. Your body is housing your soul. Exercise, eat clean and get the proper rest. Take care of your body so that you have the opportunity to lead a long and full life.
俗话说:健康不再,万事无奈。 千真万确。身体是革命的本钱。要运动、健康饮食、恰当休息。照顾好自己的身体,这样才有机会创造完满人生。 内容来自美文网

2. Take the time to do the things you love


This may sound clich, but work less and play more. You will never regret taking a vacation, engaging in a new hobby or spending a day with those who make you happy. But you might regret never taking that art class, reading that book or crossing big items off the bucket list. Be a participant in life.
虽是陈词滥调,但你确实应该少操心工作、多学会享受。去度假、发展新爱好或和使你快乐的人消磨一天,你绝对不会后悔;但若是没有去上那堂艺术课、没有阅读某本书或没能完成某个心愿,你却会感到后悔。所以,做个生活的积极参与者吧。 美文网

3. Stop taking life so seriously
别过得一本正经 www.verywen.com

Why are you taking life so seriously anyway? Really? Find humor in something everyday, and laugh, laugh a lot!
干嘛把生活搞得如此严肃呢,嗯?每天找些乐子,多开怀大笑吧! 本文来自美文网

4. Always say what you need to say
说该说的话 verywen.com

If you love someone, tell them. If someone hurt you, tell them. If you have trouble expressing your feelings, then write a letter. Make sure those around you know each and every day how you feel.
如果你爱某个人,那就告白吧;如果某人伤害了你,那就说出来吧。要是你不擅长口头表达情感,那就采取写信的方式。确保身边的人每天都能知道你的感受。 copyright verywen.com

5. Open up your mind to possibilities
向机遇敞开心怀 verywen.com

If you look in your garage and see a coiled, dark shadow that resembles a snake, your reaction might be to jump with fear, but later when you look closer and realize its just a green hose, you might feel silly for believing the tricks of your mind. Stop being controlled by your deluded projections.
如果你探头看到垃圾箱有个貌似蛇的黑乎乎蜷曲着的东西,第一反应肯定是吓了一跳,再细看时,你发现其实只是一截绿色水管,原来是自己看错了啊,你哑然失笑。所以,不要再被自己无端假想给绊住。 内容来自美文网

Change your perspective and open yourself up to a new world of exciting and fulfilling possibilities. Look at your life with fresh eyes and youll find improved relationships, more excitement, and less resentments, anger and bitterness.


6. Follow your own pathlive a life true to you
听从内心过自己的生活 美文网

Stop comparing yourself to others and stop striving for perfection. Life is not a masquerade balltake off the mask, be yourself! If people dont like it, then maybe its time to find a new party. Doing or being any other way will leave you feeling lonely, depressed and hopeless. Stop living a life based on the expectations of others.
停止与他人攀比,停止追求完美。生活不是一场化装舞会摘掉面具,做回你自己吧!要是别人不喜欢,那就换个环境。有悖自我只会使你感到孤独、沮丧甚至绝望。不要再为了他人的期望而生活了。 www.verywen.com

7. Stop living in the past

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Right now you need to throw away regrets of the past. Its gone, there is no point dwelling on what could of been, doing so will only rob the present moment of joy.

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The past doesnt exist except as a memory, its a mental story and it cant be changed. Why not tell the story of your past in a way that enhances your present moment and future.
过去除了回忆一无所有,而回忆只是一则无法改变的故事罢了。既然如此,何不以积极的方式讲述过去的故事,从而为当下及将来提供正能量呢? www.verywen.com

8. Accept the things you cannot change
接受无法改变的事情 本文来自美文网

When you fight against reality, you get bloody in a battle of what ifs and denial. Whether your reality is that you should have married someone else, said something you needed to say, or are dealing with an illness, the reality is you cant change any these things. Dwelling or worrying is only robbing your present moment of all joy.
在与现实的斗争中,你不断假设又不断碰壁,撞得头破血流。不论你是在后悔错过该嫁的人、说了不该说的话,或正身患疾病,现实都无法改变。一味沉溺其中或忧愁焦虑只会丧失当下的快乐。 verywen.com

What you can do is re-evaluate your life now and take the necessary steps to make the appropriate changes. Follow your instincts, they will tell you when you have veered off the path of where you should be, whether it be your relationship or career. Tune into your inner compass it will guide you in the right direction.


Take what if, should have and why me out of your story. Move on.
把假如、本应该及为什么是我从字典里删除。然后,继续前行。 内容来自美文网

9. Practice mindful living
试着用心生活 本文来自美文网

Mindful living will in fact slow down time; it will enhance the present moment and fill otherwise mundane days with awe and joy.
用心生活能放慢时间、彰显当下时光并使平凡的日子充满惊喜与快乐。 copyright verywen.com

Ten years from now you might think, Where did my life go? When we live mindfully we immerse ourselves in moments. These are the moments that make up our lives. If you dont practice mindfulness you run the risk of having these precious moments of your life lost to a string of foggy over-thinking. Rest in the spaces in between the major events, these spaces are your life.
十年后你可能会问:我这辈子是怎么过来的?如果用心生活,你会尽情过好每分每秒,而正是这些分分秒秒构成了全部生活;要是麻木生活,你会错失生活中美好的瞬间,以后只留下一抹模糊的掠影。享受里程碑间的间歇时光吧这些就是你的生活呵。 内容来自美文网

10. Stop chasing money, fame, and possessions
停止追逐金钱、名利和财富 美文网

We crave wealth, prestige, fame and popularity, we crave material things and beautiful people. We mistakenly think that happiness is going to arrive when we meet these goals. Instead of enjoying our life, we are in a constant pursuit of something other than where we are right now.


At the end of your life, your expensive BMW will not be whats flashing through your mind. You will more likely smile at the memory of your loyal dog. Stop chasing material possessions, there is no real happiness there, only an endless pursuit.
咽气之际,你脑中闪现的或许不是宝马汽车,而是让你微笑的忠诚老狗。停止追逐物质财富吧。物质并不能带来真正的快乐,只会招来永无止境的贪婪。 本文来自美文网

11. Always practice gratitude

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Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Melody Beattie
感恩开启生活的圆满。它使我们拥有更多,变拒绝为接受,化混乱为有序,使困惑变澄澈。它能将简餐变成盛宴、房屋变成家园、陌生人变成好朋友。 梅洛迪-贝蒂 copyright verywen.com

Gratitude improves health, happiness, spirituality, connection, relationships, self-worth and simply gives life intense meaning.
感恩改善健康、快乐、精神、关系、人际和自我价值,并赋予生活深刻内涵。 内容来自美文网

Even if your life isnt perfectand heres a secret, it never will be perfectyou still have a lot to be grateful for. So every day remember to take the time to smile, laugh and truly say thanks for all the small and big joys in your life.
哪怕你的生活并不完美(其实生活从来不曾完美),你仍有许多可以感恩的地方。所以,每天要记得微笑大笑,感激生活中或大或小的乐趣。 本文来自美文网

12. Love
爱心 copyright verywen.com

This is an excerpt by the famous Martha Beck that has made an enormous impact on my life. It sums up regret beautifully:
下面一段话摘自玛莎-贝克的文字,把遗憾总结非常美妙,我感到受益匪浅: 美文网

So the ultimate lesson of regret, the one that will help guide you into a rich and satisfying future, is this: Every time life brings you to a crossroads, from the tiniest to the most immense, go toward love, not away from fear. Think of every choice in terms of What would thrill and delight me? rather than What will keep my fearor the events, people, and things I fearat bay?
最后一课是关于遗憾。能指引你走向丰富而圆满的未来的是:每次生活中遇到十字路口,不论大小,都选择爱心那条路,而不是恐惧方向。每次都告诉自己前方有什么有趣的事情在等我,而不是暗示自己前方有什么可怕的事情或人物。 本文来自美文网

Pay attention to all of the sources of love in your life and youll develop a growing sense of abundance of how much beauty surrounds you each day.
关注生活中的点滴爱心,慢慢你会发现,每天的生活都那么丰富而美妙! www.verywen.com

So lets summarize: A cheat sheet to living without regrets
现在让我们总结一下:无悔生活的贴士 美文网

Take care of your health


Make time to do the things you love, work less, laugh and play


Say what you need to say
说该说的话 内容来自美文网

Practice mindfulness
用心生活 内容来自美文网

Change your perspective
改变视觉 美文网

Let go of the past


Accept the things you can not change
接受无法改变的事情 verywen.com

Stop thinking happiness is a future event


Stop chasing money and material wealth
停止追逐金钱和物质财富 verywen.com

Live authentically


Take off the mask
摘下面具 内容来自美文网

Follow your instincts


Practice gratitude
学会感恩 verywen.com

Dont make your decisions based on fear

copyright verywen.com

Love, love love!
充满爱心! copyright verywen.com

There is no guarantee that you wont make any bad decisions, but when you start living your life with these tools in mind, your days will naturally become meaningful. Your wise eyes will be full of adventure and tales: adventures that might not be perfect, but at the very least wont be filled with regrets.
谁也不能保证你绝不会做出糟糕的决定,但一旦你在生活中谨记以上建议,一切自然会变得充满意义。你的眼里写满冒险和故事:冒险或许并不完美,但绝对会让你无悔! 内容来自美文网