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正义感A keen Sense of justice除非你能以公正的态度对待他人,否则即无法培养出吸引入的个性,而且也无法达到明确目标,正义感的一项不可或缺的根本要素,就是有意的诚实。Unless you deal justl


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A keen Sense of justice

Unless you deal justly with others you cannot hope either to cultivate an attractive personality or to succeed in your definite major purpose.The essential component of a keen sense of justice is a dedication to intentional honesty.

许多人把诚实当做是一种权宜之计,但由于这种诚实态度弹性太大,致使它可能会被扭曲成谋求自己利益的一种手 段。在培养坦白的说话态度时,你就已经在实践有意的诚实 方面,跨出了重要的一步;你必须坚持这种诚实美德,并且无论是否会为你带来立即的好处都要实践它。
Many people are honest for the sake of expediency, but this kind of honesty is so flexible that it can be contorted to serve in any situation which furthers their interests.By cultivating frankness of speech,you are already taking an important step in practicing intentional honesty;you must adhere to that honesty so closely that you practice it under and circumstance,whether or not it promises you any immediate gain.

即使正义感无法使你抓住每一次的获利的机会,但它却 能为你带来下列的实际好处。
Even if a keen sense of justice prevents you from seizing every opportunity, it carries with it a host of practical benefits:

It establishes the basis of confidence,without which you cannot have an attractive personality

It builds a fundamentally sincere and sound character,which by itself is a powerfully attractive trait

3.它不仅会吸引他人的注意,同时还提供获得真正而 是永久不变之个人利益的机会。
It not only attracts people but offers opportunities for real and lasting personal gain

It builds your sense of self-reliance and self-respect

5.它强化你的道德良知,并因而使你的行动更为迅速, 因为此时你的动机和欲望比以往更加清晰。
It strengthens your relationship with your conscience and thus allows you to act more promptly since your motives and desires are clearer

It attracts worthwhile friends and discourages you enemies

It opens your mind to faith

8.它保护你兔子陷入破坏性的争议,想想看有多少杰 出人物因为言行不慎而走上自我毁灭之路。
It protects you from destructive controversies.Consider how often people of prominence are laid low by revelations of impropriety

It inspires you to move toward your definite major purpose with greater personal initiative

正义感不仅是一种获得实质利益的工具,同时还能强化 各种人际关系,它驱除贪婪和自私,并使你更了解你的权益 和责任,而所有其他个性也将因为有了正义感而更有力量。
A keen sense of justice is not merely a tool for gaining material rewards.It enhances every human relationship.It discourages avarice and selfishness and gives you a much better understanding of your rights,privileges,and responsiblities.With it,every aspect of attractive personality grows stronger.