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为了比较起见,让我们来看一下消极心态的影响。消极 心态会浇熄你的热忱,蒙蔽你的想像力,降低你的合作意愿,使你失去自制能力,容易发怒,缺乏耐性,并且使你丧 失理性。For the sake


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为了比较起见,让我们来看一下消极心态的影响。消极 心态会浇熄你的热忱,蒙蔽你的想像力,降低你的合作意愿,使你失去自制能力,容易发怒,缺乏耐性,并且使你丧 失理性。
For the sake of contrast,let's examine the effects of a negative mental attitude.It dampens your enthusiasm,curtails your imagination,undermines your desire to be cooperative,overthrows your self-control,makes you sullen and intolerant,and,as if these weren't enough,throws your reasoning out of gear. 本文来自美文网

既然消极心态对你的破坏力如此之大,所以你最好还是 待在家里,别出来和人竞争,消极心态只会为你树立敌人, 并且摧毁你的成就和朋友。如果一位律师带着消极心态步人法庭,即使他所辩护的 是全世界最棒的案子,还是无法说服法官和陪审团。你会对一位容易发怒而又悲观的医生产生信心吗?不!人们是绝不会容忍消极心态的。
A negative mental attitude is so detrimental to your efforts that you are better off staying at home than venturing out into the world with it.It will only make you enemies and corrupt your good works and allinances.A lawyer who goes into court with best case in the word will convince neither judge nor jury if her attitude is negative.What kind of confidence would you have in a sullen,pessimistic doctor,no matter how many degrees hang on the will? None! People simply will not tolerate a bad mental attitude. verywen.com

相形之一,积极心态为你开启了一扇门,并允许你展现技巧和雄心壮志。想想那些带着信心步人法庭,并且以无比的确信,赢得 法官和陪审团支持的律师吧:难道你不想让一位能使你放松心情,以平和的语气回答问题,而且展现专业知识的医师为你看病吗?
In contrast, a positive mental opens doors and allows you to display your skills and ambitions.Imagine that lawyer presenting her case with confidence,gaining the ear of judge and jury because she is distinctively self-assured.Wouldn't you rather be treated by a physician who sets you at ease,answer your questions plainly,and demonstrates a knowledge of his field? 美文网

积极心态也是其他各种个性的构成要素,了解和应用其 他个性。将会强化你的积极心态。
Building a positive mental attitude is part of the other aspects of an attractive personality.As you read on,you'll see how understanding and applying each of these points reinforce your PMA. www.verywen.com