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导读:加拿大五分钱乐队已开始叱咤风云,登上音乐排行榜,这是他们一直的梦想,而梦想的背后是他们踏遍北美的身影、执着的追求和对音乐的感悟。 Brothers, Chad and Mike Kroeger formed Nickelback


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导读:加拿大五分钱乐队已开始叱咤风云,登上音乐排行榜,这是他们一直的梦想,而梦想的背后是他们踏遍北美的身影、执着的追求和对音乐的感悟。 本文来自美文网

  Brothers, Chad and Mike Kroeger formed Nickelback in Vancouver1 in 1996 with their cousin Brandon (who is no longer in the band) and their buddy2 Ryan Peake. Chad Kroeger wrote lyrics while the rest of the guys worked together on the music. They came up with3 the name Nickelback from Mike Kroeger's cashier experience at Starbucks. Customers would pay $1.50 for a coffee that costs $1.45  and Mike Kroeger would always have to give them a nickel back.
  查德和迈克克勒格尔兄弟同他们的表兄布兰登(现已离开乐队)和好朋友瑞安皮克于1996年在温哥华组成了五分钱乐队。查德负责作词,其他小伙子则一起谱曲。乐队的名字来自迈克在星巴克当收银员时的经历,顾客们总是用1.5 美元买价格为1.45美元的一杯咖啡,迈克则总是要给他们五分钱找头。

  Nickelback put together and released a sevensong demo and began supporting it with live gigs4. In 1997, Nickelback released their debut CD, Curb5, and pushed the album with nonstop touring. Nickelback later went through a bunch of drummers until they hooked up6 with current drummer Ryan Vikedal, who was an old buddy of Ryan Peake's.

  In 1999, Nickelback released their second CD, The State (released in 2000 in the US), under their own, independent label. Nickelback had a toptwenty hit with the song Leader of Men. They jumped back on the road to support the CD and eventually signed with Roadrunner Records.

  Nickelback had a large following in Canada,but wanted to break into the US. In 2001, Nickelback released their third CD, Silver Side Up, and the first single How You Remind Me became a huge hit across North America. How You Remind Me even made it to number one on Canadian and US rock charts.

  Nickelback Says: We just like writing good songs with good melodies that you'll sing at our shows and remember when you walk away.