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以适合你生理和心理的方式生活,别浪费时间以免落于他人之后。Live in a style that suits your physical and spiritual requirements,and dont waste time keeping up with the Joneses.除非有人愿意以足够证据,证明他的建


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以适合你生理和心理的方式生活,别浪费时间以免落于他人之后。 内容来自美文网

Live in a style that suits your physical and spiritual requirements,and don't waste time keeping up with the Joneses.

Refuse to heed anyone's advice-unless that person is willing to give you satisfactory evidence of the soundness of his or her counsel.You will save yourself from hucksters,the misguided,and fools.

Discern that personal power does not come form the possession of material things alone.Mahatma Gandhi led his nation to freedom without a fortune.

Exert yourself so that you keep your body in shape.Mental ailments can easily spring form physical ones,and your body,like your mind,must be kept active to remain positive.

增加自己的耐性,并以开阔的心胸包容所有事物,同时也应与不同种族和不同信仰的人多接触,学习接受他人的本性, 而不要一味地要求他人照着你的意思行事。
Reinforce the habit of tolerance,and keep an open mind on all subjects and toward all people no matter what their rave or creed.Learn to like people just as they are,instead of demanding that they be just as you want them to be.

你应承认,爱是你生理和心理疾病的最佳药物,爱会改 变并且调适你体内的化学元素,以使它们有助于你表现出积 极心态,爱也会扩展你的包容力。接受爱的最好方法就是付出你自己的爱。
Admit that love it the finest medication for your body and your soul.Love changes the entire chemistry of your body and conditions it for the expression of a positive mental attitude.It also extends the space you occupy in the heart of others.The best way to receive love is to give it.

以相同或更多的价值回报给你好处的人。报酬增加律 最后还会给你带来好处,而且可能会为你带来所有你应得到 的东西的能力。
Return every benefit you receive with one of equal or greater value.The Law of Increasing Returns will operate in your favor,and eventually--or perhaps very soon--it will give you the capacity to get everything you are entitled to.A positive mental attitude works both ways.