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展现信心的力量Demonstrating the Power of Your Faith将信心运用到实际行动的第二法门,就是积极心态。以下将说明培养信心和积极心态的步骤。The key to putting your faith into action is to have a positive mental


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Demonstrating the Power of Your Faith

The key to putting your faith into action is to have a positive mental attitude .Here are steps to build your faith and your PMA

Step one

遵照第一章的指示先建立一明确目标,并且朝着目标前 进,确定你要的是什么,并且努力去得到它。但应确定你所希 望的目标是值得你努力而且你可能达成的目标。别小看自己 的能力.但也别定出一个遥不可及的目标。
Adopt a definite major purpose ,and begin to attain it.Follow the instructions in the first chapter.Know what you want,and get busy creating it.Be sure that the object of yours desire is something worhy,something you can obtain.Never sell yourself short,but do not set a task for yourself which is utterly ridiculous.

Step two

早晚祈祷你所订目标的实现,以坚定你对目标的信念。想想看,当你达到目标后的欢愉感觉。当你达到一个目标之 后,再设定一个新目标。但切勿因为达到目标就感到自满。
Affirm the object of your desire through prayer,morning and night.Inspire your imagination to see yourself already in possession of it.When you attain one goal,set a new one.Do not let complacency set in.

比尔盖茨创设了供应世界70%电脑操作系统软体的微软公司。在他35岁之后,他的公司就已发展成比麦当劳、迪 斯尼和CBS还要大的企业。但他从此就停止进步了吗?
Bill Gates founded Microsoft,the software company that supplies the operating systems for more than 70 percent of the computer in the world. By the time he was thirty-five,his company was bigger than McDonald's, Disney,and CBS.Did he stop there?

不,他仍然不断地想为自己和公司扮演什么新的角色。 他在37岁时,开始提供一种可以使办公室内的所有机器都能 连线作业的系统:电话、传真机、电脑全都能一起工作。他成 功地说服ATT和IBM等大企业加入他的行列,共同开发并 且生产此一重要系统。 你将会达成你为自己设定的目标,每天都要运用一切方 法培养你对未来的远见。
No,he continued to dream of new roles for himself and his corporation.By the time he was thirty seven,he ha embarked on a new path to provide systems to link every machine in an office:telephone,as machines,computers,all working together seamlessly.And he managed to bind such giants as ATT and IBM to his vision, enlisting them in a consortium to develop and deliver that magnificent system.You will achieve precisely the success you can envision for yourself.Cultiveate that vision every day,in every way you can.