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上面每一种情绪都和心态有关,这也就是为什么我一直强调心态的原因。这些情绪实际上就是个人心态的反映,而心态是你可以组织、引导和完全掌控的对象。为了达到组织、引导和掌控的目的,你必须控制你的思想,你必须对思想中产生的各种情绪抱持着警觉性,并且视其对心态的影响是好是坏而接受或拒绝。乐观会增强你的信心和弹性,而仇根会使你失去宽容和正义感。如果你无法控制自己情绪,你的一生将会因为不时的情绪冲动而受害。 copyright verywen.com

Each emotion is related to mental attitude,and that is why I have placed so much stress on the character of one's mental attitude.These emotions are nothing but reflections of your mental attitude,which you can organize,guide,and completely command.To do so,you must take control of your present there,and embrace or reject them on the basis of their contribution to your mental attitude.Optemism will increase your confidence and flexibility;hatred will undermine your tolerance and keen sense of justice.If you do not take this control,you are condemning yourself to an entire life buffeted by the winds of emotional whim.

If you find yourself struggling to gain this control,compile a chart on which you note every day the number of times you experience and act on an emotion.Make a not of circumstances which inspire the emotion. This will give you tremendous insight into the frequency and power of your emotions.Onve you know which forces trigger your emotions,you can act to eliminate them or to seek them out and use them.

将你追求成功的欲望,转变成一股强烈的执着意念,并 且照手实现你的明确目标,这是使你学得情绪控制能力的两 个基本要件,这两个基本要件之间,具有相辅相成的关系, 而其中一个要件获得进展时,另一要件也会有所进展。
Building you desire for success into a burning obsession and embarking on your definite major purpose are the cornerstones of your efforts to gain emotional control.Each strengthens the other,and progress with one will mean progress everywhere.