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我自己的旅程My Own Journey当我还在乔治城大学就读法律系时,就已接受安德鲁middot;卡内基委托出版一本关于成功哲学的书。除了从卡内基那儿得到一些旅费补助之外,其他一切费用都由我自行负


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My Own Journey

I accepted Andrew Carnegie's commission to organize and publish the principles of success when I was a law student at Georgetown University.Other than reimbursement for some traveling expenses, I got no compensation from Carnegis for me efforts.

我对这份工作的奉献,使自己承受了不少的负担,我必须 赚钱养家,而且许多亲戚都嘲笑我。但尽管有这些阻力,我还 是为这项任务工作了20年,在此期间我拜访过知名企业的总 裁、发明家、创始人以及著名的慈善家,由于这些人通常都不 知道他们的成功原则(因为他们只是去做而已),所以我必须 花许多时间来观察他们,并确定我原先假设能发挥功效的力 量,是否真的在发挥功效。除了赚取生活费之外,我还必须为 这些人工作。
My dedication to my task placed strains on my life. I had a family to support,and many of my relatives ridiculed me for my goal. In spite of this opposition , I worked for twenty years,interviewing presidents, inventors, founders of great companies, and famous philanthropists. Because these people were often unaware of the principles they employed-they just did it-it tool a great deal of time for me to observe them and determine whether the forces I supposed for myself, I had a job to do for others.

处在亲戚们的嘲笑和辛苦工作之间,有时真的很难保持 积极心态和不屈不挠的精神。有时当个人待在无聊的旅馆房 间里时,甚至会觉得我家人的想法才是正确的。支持我向前 迈进的力量,使我确信,我不但能完成这本著作,而且当我完 成它时会为自己的成功感到骄傲。
Believe me , there were times when, between the needling of my relatives and the hardships I endured, it was not easy of maintain a positive mental attitude and persevere. Sometimes, in barren hotel rooms, I almost believed my family was right. The thing that kept me going was my conviction that one day I would not only successfully complete my work but also be proud of myself when it was finished.

有时候,当心中出现希望的火苗时,我必须运用我手边所 能运用的资源把它再煽大一点以免熄灭。而使我坚持信念和 理想,并且帮助我度过难关的就是我从无穷智慧所获得的信。
Sometimes,when the flames of hope dwindled to a flicker, I had to fan them with everything I possessed to keep them from going out.It was my faith in Infinite Intelligence that that tided me over these rough spots and saw me through.

Did it pay to go the extra mile for twenty years and endure all those hardships?The answer it obvious.