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Form the habit of saying or doing something every day which will make someone else feel better.You can do this with a phone call,a postcard,or a simple act of kindness.Give someone a good inspirational book,for instance,and you give that person something that will work wonders in his or her life.One good deed a day will keep old man gloom away. 内容来自美文网

使你自己了解打倒你的不是挫折,而是你面对挫折时所 抱的心态,训练自己在每一次不如意中,都能发现和挫折等值 积极面。
Make yourself understand that what whips you isn't defeat,but your mental attitude toward it.Train yourself to look for the seed of equivalent benefit in every disappointment you face. 美文网

Ascertain what you like best to do,and do it as a labor of love with your heart and soul.Perhaps it will simple be a hobby.That's fine.Just remember that an idle mind quickly becomes a negative mind;it's called brooding. 本文来自美文网

当你找不到解决问题的答案时,不妨帮助他人解决他的 问题,并从中找寻你所需要的答案。在你帮助他人解决问题的同时,你也正在洞察解放自己问题的方法。
Understand that often when you have searched in vain for a solution to a problem,you can find it by helping someone else solve his or her problem. By the time you have solved the other person's problem,you will have the insight to solve your own.


每周阅读一次爱默生的报酬随笔,直到你能领悟其中 的道理为止。这本著作可使你确信,能从积极心态获得好处。
Study Ralph Waldo Emerson'sEssay on Compensationonce a week until you understand and have assimilated it.This powerful work will convince you of the benefits you will derive from PMA. 内容来自美文网

彻底地盘点一次你的财产,你会发现你所拥有的最有价值舶财产就是健全的思想,有了它你就可以自己决定自己 的命运。
Take a complete inventory of every asset you possess.You will discover that your greatest asset is a sound mind with which you can shape your own destiny. verywen.com

Communicate with anyone you know whom you have unjustly offended and offer sincere apologies.Ask for forgiveness.The more bitter this assignment is ,the more you will be free of negative mental influences when you have completed it.


Acknowledge that the space you occupy in this world is in exact ratio to the quantity and quality of the service you render for the benefice of others,plus the mental attitude in which you render it.