2019年10月11日 英语美文 暂无评论

记住,当你付出之后,必然会得到等价或更高价的东西。抱着这种念头,可使你驱除对年老的恐惧。一个最好的例子 就是,年轻消逝,但换来的却是智慧。Avoid the fear of old age by remembering that


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记住,当你付出之后,必然会得到等价或更高价的东西。抱着这种念头,可使你驱除对年老的恐惧。一个最好的例子 就是,年轻消逝,但换来的却是智慧。 www.verywen.com

Avoid the fear of old age by remembering that nothing is ever taken form you without being replaced by something by wisdom.

你要相信你可以为所有的问题找到适当的解决方法,但 也要注意你所找到的解决方法,未必都是你想要的解决方法。
Trust that adequate solutions can be found for all your problems,but accept the fact that the solutions may not always be the ones your want.

参考别人的例子,提醒自己任何不利清况,都是可以克服 的。虽然爱迪生只接受过三个月的正规教育,但他却是最伟 大的发明家。虽然海伦凯勒失去了视觉、听觉和说话能力, 但她却鼓舞了数万人。明确目标的力量必然胜过任何限制。
Rely on examples of others to remind you that any disadvantage can be overcome.Thomas Edison had only three months of formal schooling,yet he was the greatest inventor who ever lived;Helen Caller was without sight,hearing,or speech,yet she inspired millions definite major purpose is stronger than any limitation.

对于善意的批评应采取接受的态度,而不应采取消极的 反应,接受学习他人如何看待你的机会,利用这种机会做一 番反省,并找出应该改善的地方,别害怕批评,你应勇敢地 面对它。
Welcome friendly criticism instead of reacting to it negatively.Embrace any opportunity to learn how others see you,and use it to take inventory of yourself and look for things which need improvement.Do not fear criticism;encourage it.

和其他献身于成功原则的人组成智囊团,讨论你们的进 程,并从更宽广的经验中获取好处,务必以积极面作为基础进 行讨论。
Create a mastermind alliance with others dedicated to the principles of success.Discuss your progress and insights and gain the benefit of a much wider range of experience.Always keep these meeting on a positive plane.

分清楚愿望(Wishing)、希望(Hoping)、欲望(Desiring)以及强烈欲望(a burning Desire)与达到目标之间的差别,其中只有强烈的欲望会给你驱动力,而且只有积极心态才能供给产生驱动力所需的燃料。
Grasp the differences between wishing,hoping,desiring,and having a burning desire to achieve your goal.Only a burning desire gives you a driving motivation,and it can be fueled only by a positive mental attitude.