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Read for life


  --David Marcolo 本文来自美文网

  Read for life, all your life. Nothing ever invented provides such substance, such infinite reward for time spent, as a good book. Read to your hearts content. Let one book lead to another. They nearly always do. 美文网

  Take up a great author and read everything he or she has written. www.verywen.com

  Read about places where you have never been. Read books that changed history: Tom Paines Common Sense, heaven stairs, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Rachel Carsons Silent Spring. www.verywen.com

  Read those books you know you are supposed to have read and imagine as dreary. A classic may be defined as a book that stays long in print, and a book stays long in print only because it is exceptional. Why exclude the exceptional from your experience? And when you read a book you lovea book you feel has enlarged the experience of being alive, a book that lights the firethen spread

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  the world.


  To carry a book with you wherever you go is old advice and good advice. John Adams urged his son John Quincy to carry a volume of poetry. You will never be alone, he said, with a poet in your pocket. www.verywen.com