英文情书大全:Genuine Love真爱永远

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Dear Ayo,Seriously, Babes, I love you because I have never been loved by anyone the way you love me. I feel li


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dear ayo,

seriously, babes, i love you because i have never been loved by anyone the way you love me. i feel like a complete woman. i love your patient manner, your generous nature, your hands on my body, particularly when you hold me when i am sleeping. when you hold me i believe that nothing can harm me. i love your genuine kindness to others and i hope bubu takes after you in this respect (well, to a certain extent). i love your eyes and your lips, i love your sense of self worth, your calming nature, your social ability, your daniel-like talent, your firm bum, your smooth back and strong arms. you are my distant friend of late but i know our closeness will be reunited very soon.

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i am missing you terribly; i feel incomplete without you and want you here now!

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