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Dear Randy Bear,Having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never loved any


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dear randy bear,

having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. i have never loved anyone as much as i love you. everyday, when i awake from a dream of us together, i thank god i found you! what have i ever done to deserve such a loving, caring, wonderful man? everything about you is just so perfect. i know you are not without imperfections, but in my eyes, everything you do just seems so flawless. the way you express your love to me is so awesome!! i feel so loved! i need only to think of you to have all my troubles melt away. i want to spend my whole life with you, loving you and receiving your love in return. xoxoxoxoxo i long to hold you and feel your sweet caress. the miles that lie between us will soon disappear, and we will have each other always. i don't care what others say about you and me. all i know is that i love you, and that will never change. randy, sweet, randy, thank you for loving me the way you do. i couldn't ask for more in a man! copyright verywen.com

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