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1月25日,维也纳当地时间21时30分,在金色大厅里,当《梁祝》的动人旋律响起这一刻,血液中流淌着音乐的维也纳人除了用心听之外,更是屏住气息,齐刷刷地将目光集中在了舞台的左侧――那一侧,被称为无臂钢琴王子的刘伟,搁在琴键上的双脚如同施了魔法一般,十趾间缓缓地流淌出浪漫而动人的 《梁祝》。在刘伟之前,金色大厅的观众从没有尝试用眼睛如此专注地看音乐。现场,一楼的观众朝台上紧盯不放,二楼的观众甚至站起身朝下望去,并互相点头致意。一曲《梁祝》终了,刘伟如往常一样鞠躬谢幕,现场掌声雷鸣,持续了至少2分钟,直至刘伟第二次谢幕结束。 www.verywen.com
中国达人秀:23岁的无臂钢琴师刘伟,凭借自己坚强的意志,始终坚信这样一句话:很多事情你努力去做了,可能什么都得不到,但你不努力去做,肯定什么都得不到。 美文网

在自己的努力下,他战胜了自己,战胜了别人无法做到的事情。 verywen.com

A 23 year old pianist, Liu Wei, gave a memorable performance in Viennas Golden Saal concert hall in early 2011. The audience enjoyed beautiful music and with an unforgettable guest performer. 本文来自美文网

Well-knowledged music fans in Vienna enjoyed a special rendition of the famous Chinese piece Butterfly Lovers, featuring the unique armless pianist, Liu Wei. verywen.com

Liu lost both his arms when he was ten after a high voltage electrical accident that left him in the hospital for 3 months.Wang Xiangying, Liu Wei's mother, said I found the world had collapsed. What could I do?


Liu Wei stayed in rehabilitation centre for 2 years, and witnessed many deaths. When he got out, he was grateful to be alive.Liu Wei said I wanted to move on with my life, and if I could, that would be a success for me.


Two years after the accident, he was introduced to Beijings paralyzed swimming team.Despite being a double-amputee, he managed to take two golds in the National Paralyzed Swimming Championship at 14.


But two missing arms werent the last of his physical ailments. Soon after his gold medals he was diagnosed with allergic purpura which forbade him from intensive exercise. 内容来自美文网

Liu's mother said The moment I found out, I shouted to the sky: What have I done wrong to deserve this?Liu Wei said My body bleeds, and my kidney is dysfunctional. 美文网

The door was shut on sports, but it opened in music, a difference outlet for performance.Tapping keys with a set of toes is even more difficult than it looks. 美文网

Zhong Sheng, music producer, said No one believes it is feasible to play piano with toes. Liu Wei continued I knew if I tried, I might get a chance at success. If I didnt try, I would be doomed. 美文网

He could not find a teacher to lead him to play with his toes, so he began teaching himself.Liu said I tried very hard to get my toes separated.Zhong Sheng said I tried myself, it was impossible. copyright verywen.com

He carried on a daily 7-hour practice.Liu said My improvement gave me hope. I kept practicing and progressed gradually. copyright verywen.com

One year later, he began preforming, and has been unforgettable since.Liu Wei believes losing both his arms gave him a chance to embrace a bigger world. www.verywen.com

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