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有没有吸引力并不取决于你赚多少钱,也不取决于你的老爸是谁。而且,这完全不取决于你是否长得像汤姆·克鲁斯或者他的妻子凯蒂·赫尔姆斯。这仅仅取决于一些简单的细节,像汤姆·克鲁斯一样的人也不一定能办到。而来自任何种族,任何国家,任何背景的人,都能成为世界上最有吸引力的人。 美文网



It's not about howmuch money you make, and it's not about who your daddy is. And no, it'sdefinitely not about whether you look like Tom Cruise or his wife KatieHolmes ... What it is about is these simple things, things that maybeeven a person like Tom Cruise does not have。 美文网

And note, we are notnecessarily talking about sexual (male attract female) things here.We're talking about being attractive in general, whether it's on a jobinterview or just gaining the respect of your colleagues . 美文网

Ask lots of questions
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In other words, behumble. If you come across as a know-it-all (even if you really do knowit all!), it really pushes people away. Rather, asking lots and lots ofquestions (even dumb ones) makes people feel like you care, you can betrusted, and you are... humble。 内容来自美文网

Great posture
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Have you ever seen apotentially very attractive person, but they have terrible posture?It's all ruined, isn't it? Or perhaps you have seen someone who perhapscould be quite ugly but they have great posture and so suddenly theyare really attractive? It's true. Your posture says a lot about you -it says whether you have confidence, or simply if you really care.Talking physically, it is one of the most important physicalcharacteristics you need! 美文网