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步骤4:订定集会时间和地点Step Four:Set a Time and Place for Meeting订定明确的定期集会时间和地点,以确保团员能不断进 步,且借此机会解决智囊团所面临的问题。智囊团初期阶段 的会议内容,可能


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Step Four:Set a Time and Place for Meeting 美文网

订定明确的定期集会时间和地点,以确保团员能不断进 步,且借此机会解决智囊团所面临的问题。智囊团初期阶段 的会议内容,可能涉及借重各成员的专业技术,来精确规划 执行计划的议题。
Your alliance must be active do do any good.Establish a definite place and time for regular meetings to ensure that you are making progress and dealing with the issues you face.Your early meetings will likely involve fine-tuning the plan you have made for your success,drawing upon the specialized skills of your members. 内容来自美文网

随着智囊团的不断成熟和成员之间和谐气氛的增长,你 会发现,这些会议会使各成员的脑海中激荡出一连串的构 想。当团员共同工作一段时间之后,便会在会议中激荡出更 多的令人兴奋的事情,而各成员之间也会愈来愈和谐。
As your allaince matures and harmony grows among the member,you will find that these meetings create a flow of ideas into every member's mind.As you work together over time,more excitement will greet every meeting,and more harmony will arise copyright verywen.com

想像一下一组业务代表开会的情形,他们可能会对共同 目标做出决议,但是,如果能以一天或一个周末的时间,听 取并采纳他们对计划的意见,以加强他们的坚毅信念,就能 使他们免除情绪的压抑,并渴望达到目标。
Think about a group of sales reps brought together for a conference.They may arrive in general agreement about their goals,but a day or a weekend spent reinforcing their determination,listening to and incorporating their suggestions for the plan at hand,will send them away fired up and eager to achieve their goals. copyright verywen.com

切勿以定期会议取代成员之间的频繁接触,打电话、写 留言条或是在走道上的谈话,都可以使成员获得会议时所需 要的资讯,如此一来,便可在会议中迅速解决突发状况。
Do not let the regular meetings take the place of frequent contact between the members.Telephone calls,notes,and even conversations in a hallway will keep the alliance primed for action when it meets in full,so that sudden developments can be addressed quickly. 本文来自美文网