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这四个人最后形成卡内基王国的核心人物,他们组成了一个智囊团(请参阅下一章),他们四个人筹足了为达到目 标所需要的资金,而最后他们每个人也都成为巨富。These four people became the nucleu


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这四个人最后形成卡内基王国的核心人物,他们组成了一个智囊团(请参阅下一章),他们四个人筹足了为达到目 标所需要的资金,而最后他们每个人也都成为巨富。
These four people became the nucleus of Carnegie's empire.They formed a mastermind group,the subject of the next chapter.Together they were able to find the capital necessary to pursue Carnegie's obsession,and each of them made vast fortune as result. www.verywen.com

但这四个人的成功关键并不只是辛勤工作而已,你 可能也发现到,有些人和你一样辛勤工作甚至比你更努 力但却没有成功。教育也不是关键性的因素,华尔顿从 来没有拿过罗德奖学金,但是他嫌的钱,比所有念过哈佛大 学的人都多。
It was not sheer hard work that made these men successful.You probably know several people who work as hard as you do at anything they try-perhaps even harder than you-and are never successful.Education isn't the reason either.Sam Walton never won a Rhodes scholarship,but he made more money than anyone who ever studied Oxford. 内容来自美文网

伟大的成就,是得自对积极的心态的了解和运用,无论你做任何一件事,你的心态都会给你一定的力量。抱持着积极心态,意味着你的行为和思想有助于目标的 达成;而抱持消极心态,则意味你的行为和思想不断地抵消 你所付出的努力。当你将欲望变成执着时,并且设定明确目标的同时,也应该建立并发挥你的积极心态。但是设定明确目标和建立积极心态,并不表示你马上就 能得到你所需要的资源,你得到这些资源的速度,须视需要范围的大小,以及你控制心境使其免于恐惧、怀疑和自我设 限的情形而定。
Great success id the result of one's understanding and using a positive mental attitude.You mental attitude gives power to everything you do.Having a positive mental attitude means that your actions and thoughts further your end;having negative mental attitude means that you are constantly understanding your own efforts.As you build your desire into an obsession and develop your positive mental attitude.It would be foolish to suppose that having developed your definiteness of purpose and PMA,you will immediately find that you have the resources you need.The speed at which you acquire these will depend on the size of your needs and on the control you exercise to keep your mind free of fear,doubt,and self-imposed limitations. verywen.com

如果你只需要1万美金来实现你的明确目标,可能在很 短的时间内就筹得;但是,如果是100万美金,可能就得花 较长的时间了。
If you need ten thousand dollars for your definite major purpose,you may be able to marshal it in a few days or even hours by impressing others with the quality of your enthusiasm and vision.If you require one million dollars,it's likely to take longer. www.verywen.com

在此一过程的一项重要变数是,你要拿什么来交换这1 万或100万美金,提供相对服务或其他等价值得时间,对取得资源的速度快慢也是相当重要的, 你必须清楚地了解在你取得之前应付出些什么。
An important variable in this process is just exactly what it is you offer in exchange for that ten thousand or one million dollars.The time required to deliver the service or the equivalent value you intend to supply is also significant.You must be clear about what it is that you will give before you can expect to get in return.