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说起圣诞节,估计大家都会滔滔不绝,但说起中国传统的春节,大家又知不知道怎么用英语来个简短介绍呢?赶紧来看看吧。跟老外侃圣诞不算什么,不如侃侃春节。不过很多这些风俗连小编自己都不了解,也许我们现在过的春节已经不是正宗的春节了吧。 美文网

  New Year celebrations is a grand event of China. New Year festivitieslasts for one month in China. Chinese New Year is also called Springfestival. It begins from the middle of the last month of the year andends up in the first month of the new year. These last day celebrationsin China is called Lantern Festival。 美文网

  History of Chinese New Year 内容来自美文网

  追溯历史:名叫“年”的怪兽 copyright verywen.com

  ChineseNew Year has a very interesting and unique history. According to theChinese legends, there was a giant beast Nian who used to swallowhumans in a single bite. Relief from the horrifying beast came onlywhen people realized that Nian was scared of red color and loud noises.They started bursting crackersand used red color to scare the beast. Since then, this day was namedas GuNian meaning "Pass over the Nian". Chinese considered the day an auspicious one as it brought new life for them and celebrated it as a New Year。 美文网

  Chinese New Year Dates www.verywen.com

  农历新年,年年不同 copyright verywen.com

  Chinese New Year falls on a different date every year. Chinese calendar is a combination of solar and lunar calendar. Chinese New Year falls on second new moon after the winter solstice(冬至). Chinese calendar has a 12 year cycle and each year is named afteranimal. Chinese believe that every person resembles an animal and thisreflects their traits. Year 2006 was the Year of the Dog. People born on this date are said to be very loyal and trustworthy。 copyright verywen.com

  Chinese New Year Celebrations verywen.com

  新年找乐,日日不同 内容来自美文网

  Lot of excitement can be seen in the last 15 days of New Year celebrations. Every day has a special importance to it. Chinese ritualize and celebrate each day in a customary manner. Given below are the line wise celebrations of the New Year in China:


  年初一:祭拜天地 本文来自美文网

  Day1: People began their day by offering prayers and welcome the gods ofheaven and earth. Most of the people stay away from meat to ensurehealthy living。 copyright verywen.com

  年初二:狗狗过生日 www.verywen.com

  Day 2:Successively, prayers are offer to their ancestors and other gods.Chinese are strict care-taker of dogs and feed them well. This is dayis considered to be the birthday of all dogs。 内容来自美文网



  Day3 and 4: These are very important days for the families to keep uptheir relations. It calls for every son-in-law to pay respect to theirparents-in-law。 美文网