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If good friends fell from the sky like raindrops,Id turn my umbrella upside down and have all that I need.如果朋友象雨点一样由天而降,我会反转我的雨伞,接住我所需要的一切。But friends do not come t


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If good friends fell from the sky like raindrops,I'd turn my umbrella upside down and have all that I need.
如果朋友象雨点一样由天而降,我会反转我的雨伞,接住我所需要的一切。 内容来自美文网

But friends do not come to us that way,instead they shoot up through the ground from a tiny seed of common interest, are cultivated with good times and grow into a beautiful flower to enjoy that continues to bloom as long as it is cared for.


These flowers of friendship are gathered into a fragrant bouquet that enhances the world around us and are meant to be enjoyed by ourselves as well as to bring cheer or comfort to others.
这些友谊的花朵聚集一起,变成一束芬芳的花束,令我们周边世界栩栩生辉,带给我们快乐也令他人感到慰藉。 内容来自美文网

Like flowers, friendships also go through changes,sometimes they are allowed to die, but if you care for them well and tend them with a gentle touch, they will continue to build roots in new places and bloom for years of enjoyment.
象花朵一样,友谊也会生变,有时它们也充许死去,但只要你精心照料,他们将会在新的地方生根,开花,且带给我们快乐幸福时光。 本文来自美文网

When you have found a friend such as this,you will know by the beauty and fragrance that surrounds your life and it will spread like beautiful wildflowers to enrich all of us.
当你找到了这种友谊,你就会知道,这种芬芳美丽将围绕你的人生,象艳丽的野花一样传播,漫延,丰富我们的人生。 美文网