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英文原文【英文原文】Seven Year Itch: Marilyn Monroes 1955 film of the same name told of the perils for couples.Those in a serious relationship have long been warned about the dangers of the seven-y


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Seven Year Itch: Marilyn Monroe's 1955 film of the same name told of the perils for couples.
Those in a serious relationship have long been warned about the dangers of the seven-year itch. But research has found couples risk running into trouble far earlier - thanks to the seven-month slouch.

This is the point at which we stop trying quite so hard to impress our new love and start revealing all the bad habits that have so far remained hidden.
These can include unsavoury bodily functions such as breaking windin front of an other half, nose picking or letting armpits go unshaven. Before the milestone, most couples enjoy an extended honeymoon period where both go out of their way to keep well-groomed and observe good manners.
However, it seems once a couple has been together for around seven months they decide they really do love each other and start to let go.
According to a survey of 1,000 adults, the seven-month point is when couples are most likely to think it acceptable to stop paying attention to details such as shaving regularly and keeping nails trimmed while also putting their bad habits on display. copyright verywen.com

More than nine in ten women and almost as many men admit that they let themselves go once they are in the full throes of a romance.
However it seems men are far happier to relax their standards while more women told researchers from Remington that they never allow themselves to be seen looking hairy or too unkempt.
More than half of all adults said they make a special effort at the start of a relationship.
Once life with their other half becomes more routine, 48 per cent said they start breaking wind in front of their partner, 68 per cent will skip sexy clothes for unflatteringoutfits round the house and 58 per cent walk around naked.
Only 6 per cent said they would never let their partner see them be so uncouth.
There are also still some traditionalists out there, with 13 per cent saying they believe revealing bad habits is only acceptable after marriage. verywen.com