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John, a famous musician, took his priceless antique zither and played it in the crowded subway station. The music emanating from the zither was delicately streaming throughout the whole station. However, during the one-hour play, only six or seven people were truly appreciating the charming music. A three-year-old kid was so fascinated by the music that he forgot everything around. John only got 52 U.S. dollar for his work that day.


平日,约翰的演奏会举行时,一张票超过100美元,且一票难求。 后来,不少当时就在地铁站的观众扼腕自己眼拙,错过了一场免费或者廉价的音乐盛宴。
However, in normal days, when John is about to hold a concert, one ticket can be sold at more than 100 dollars and it is extremely hard to buy a ticket even at such a high price. Therefore, later, many passers-by in the station that day felt deeply regretful for not recognizing the famous musician and missing such a valuable but cheap music feast. 本文来自美文网

I have a very busy friend who had totally changed after knowing that his wife came down with acute illness. He cooked by himself for the family and took a walk with his wife every day. Nonetheless, his wife still did not manage to conquer the illness and passed away after three months. After that, he often sighed miserably that due to his past busy life, he had missed a lot of beautiful time with his wife. But now, it is impossible to make up for it.

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