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作者: 选自心情驿站 译者: 爱尔兰UCD 赖小琪1.他们知道自己的价值。聪明人的技能多半属于隐性技能,而不是那种可用文字记录下来并广泛交流的标准化技能。目前没有一个知识管理系统能够


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作者: 选自心情驿站 译者: 爱尔兰UCD 赖小琪 内容来自美文网

1. They know their own value. Smart people’s capabilities are most likely to be invisible that cannot be documented by words and widely spread. Currently there is not a single knowledge management system that can garner invisible knowledge, which indicates that you have to employ these smart people in order to utilize their knowledge and skills. It is impossible for you to transfer their knowledge to others.


2. They have an acute sense of organization. Smart people are by no means innocent or arrogant in corporate politics. Instead, they are good at seeking the most favorable work environment and feed their interests with sufficient capitals. Once the capital runs out, they will face two choices: either shift to another capital-rich environment or getting involved in the complicated political combat to promote their favored projects. verywen.com

3. They ignore corporate hierarchy. If you are intended to boost smart staff’s morale by awarding him with positions with superior titles or promotion, you will probably be foiled. However, do not deem that they are not interested in status. Rather, they may insist on others’ calling them “doctor” or professor”. www.verywen.com