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英文原文ShadowAt night, the street lights go onThe blind boy has a shadowSuddenly, the shadow speaksHello, why do you sad?Ah, who speaks?Its me. Your shadow!Oh, hi shadow.Hi blind


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Shadow copyright verywen.com

At night, the street lights go on
The blind boy has a shadow
Suddenly, the shadow speaks
"Hello, why do you sad?"
"Ah, who speaks?"
"It's me. Your shadow!"
"Oh, hi shadow."
"Hi blind boy."
"You can speak with me?"
"Aha! Yes, I can speak with you."
"Oh, great! Can you tell me about you?"
"Yes, I appearance in the light.
And die out when the light go out"
"But I can't see you."
"Never mind, I will be with you momently."
"Really? Oh,thank you!"
"You're welcome. Let me tell a story to you. It's a ..."

Now, the blind boy has a shadow
A friendly shadow
He hear a lot of storys from the shadow
The night pass away quickly
At 4 o'clock, the lights are going out
The shadow is dieing out
The blind boy is crying
"No, Promise me not to leave me, OK? I need you!" copyright verywen.com